Moving Trucks and Thank You Cards – Perfect Together

I am in the middle of moving for the first time in many years. Packing, shifting, and unpacking boxes is not my idea of a good time. I am hoping I won’t have to do it again for quite a while. (If my first reaction to my new pad is any indication, I won’t! I love it!)

I am lucky enough to have helpful parents and friends who were there to aid me in the move. I was also of enough sound mind to keep a box of Thank You cards on hand (and unpacked) so that I could write out enough notes of gratitude to make it seem like Thanksgiving around the new Casa de Dee!

Next week, my new furniture is being delivered. You can bet the delivery men will be receiving Thank You cards with their tips – especially considering the rotten weather forecast! The Verizon FIOS technician is next on the list, although I have to wait an unbearable three weeks for my installation.

The next time I have to do this all over again, it’s no question – a moving company will be hired! And yes, I’ll be sure to have a box of Thank You cards at the ready on that occasion, too!

6 thoughts on “Moving Trucks and Thank You Cards – Perfect Together”

  1. Never thought to send Thank You cards to the people who helped me move, I am sure they would be apprecicated-I would also still get the beer. I just read an article in my local paper titled “Thank-you notes are always in style” so here is to staying in style!!

  2. It is such a nice thought to include Thank You cards for everyone who helps you move! I find that free pizza helps, too. Moving is such a hassle! It is one reason why my husband and I are still living in our townhouse even though the real estate market is definitely in favor of the buyers right now.

  3. That is a wonderful idea! I remember when we moved we got Quizno subs for everyone and some drinks…turned out people hung out more than they helped move though. 🙂 Next time it is a thank you card, sandwiches and drinks AFTER we are moved in and settled!

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