Turn Competitors Into Colleagues With Corporate Greeting Cards

Smart business owners send their employees greeting cards.  This lets them know that they are a valuable part of the company, not just another worker.  Smarter business owners send corporate greeting cards to other businesses.  This allows them to create relationships, enhance good will within a community, and ultimately expand their business.

As a retired business owner I found that putting in a little extra effort in the beginning will always pay dividends in the end.  Taking the time to send simple business greeting cards to your neighboring companies can go a long way.  It’s the first step in opening the doors to a relationship, friendship, or perhaps even future partnership.

For example, let’s say you’re a bar owner and a new restaurant opens around the block.  Some people view this as a new competitor.  I see it as a new opportunity to increase your business.  Undoubtedly, new potential consumers will be visiting your area.  Instead of fighting over these customers you can share them.  Pursue an opportunity to create a deal such as a “Friday Night Out”, where if they go to dinner at the new restaurant they receive a coupon for a free drink at your bar that evening.  Most business owners love finding innovative ways to attract new customers.  But remember the key to building these relationships ultimately starts with a greeting.  Take the advantage of the opportunity to send business to business greeting cards.  Trust me; a little effort will go a long way.

6 thoughts on “Turn Competitors Into Colleagues With Corporate Greeting Cards”

  1. This is a wonderful idea. I saw a cooking show recently where the owner of a restaurant made friends with the hotel doormen in his area so when people asked where they could go for dinner their friends’s restaurant was the one they suggested. Pretty inexpensive marketing if you ask me.

  2. That’s a great idea using a doorman. Word of mouth is such a trusted source of advertising.

  3. Very good, I could see that happening, businesses are working together to make their business grow. I know that’s one example, now let me think how I can put that into practical use for my business (Computer Repair and Sales).

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