Thank You Quotes To Write In A Card

During ones lifetime there will be infinite reasons to send a Thank You card for so many different situations; maybe a job interview, a gift from Grandma or just being there. The easiest thing to do is to buy a Thank You card with the sentiment already inside, then all you have to do is sign your name at the bottom, mail it and boom you are done–but how much satisfaction can you get from that?

Thank You Cards

There is nothing wrong with buying a thank you card with the verse that expresses exactly how you feel but it is so much more rewarding not to mention appreciated to add a personal touch whether in your own words using some of the following suggestions.

For a job interview: (whether you thought it was successful or not)

Thank you for your time

Thank you for seeing me

Thank you again for your consideration


For a gift from Grandma: (you probably don’t need help here, Grandma thinks you are perfect)

I so appreciate your thoughtful gift

Have you been talking to Santa?

How did you know I wanted it?

You are so thoughtful

You know me so well!


For an act of kindness (truly a time to be thankful)

I cannot express how grateful I am for your help

The gift of your time is very much appreciated

I could never have finished with out your help

Thank you for being the best friend anyone could have

5 thoughts on “Thank You Quotes To Write In A Card”

  1. It is always so very special for me to give a gift to my grandchildren, after having given that “special surprise” a LOT of thought. But it is sooooo extra special when they tell Grandma how much they appreciate it, especially after they have given a LOT of thought to that special card ….. or so I think they did.

  2. The expressions you gave are a big help. I cannot always come up with what to say when I write a Thank you. Simple words seem to be the right way to go.

  3. I should start sending my grandparents thank you cards after they send a birthday or congratulations card. Now I know how!

  4. Every year I send a thank you note to the staff at my local library. My family borrows many books through out the year and I like to send a note with baked goods to let them know their service is appreciated. I even send random cards to neighbors and friends just to say thanks for being you.

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