Thank You Cards for Inside and Outside of Work

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When you’re having a party, no matter if it’s a birthday, special event or even just a barbecue, there’s the usual checklist of what you’ll need so your celebration is a great success. For example, you have your food menu, beverages, music, a guest list, and anything else you may need to set up your fun-filled day. What a lot of people do forget is something you’ll need once the party is over and all your guests have left. What is it you ask? Thank you cards!

Your friends and family took the time to give you a gift and made sure your party was special. You should thank them by writing thank you cards to show you appreciated them being there…even if no presents were involved! For the office, business thank you cards are a great way to show your vendors, clients, and employees how grateful you are for their business or for their outstanding work. Business thank you cards are also an indirect way of reminding your recipients that you worked with them and “please don’t forget about us in the future.” The moral of this story is let people know that them being there is important to you, and be sure to use those thank you cards inside and outside of work!

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MarGee August 20, 2009 at 6:53 am

Do you really think it’s necessary to send a Thank you card to the people that attended a party that YOU threw? I could possibly understand if they gave you a gift but you say to send a Thank you card even if no gifts were involved. This might create a back and forth that never ends…Thank you for coming to my party, thank you for having me at your party, thank you for thanking me for having you at my party and so on and so on.

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