Thank You Cards and Feel Good Moments

Have you ever found yourself at a loss for just how to say “thank you” to someone? Whether in a business or personal situation, you should never want to let the opportunity pass to let someone know how much you appreciate their generosity or actions.

Business thank you cards may be a little tricky since we want to keep it professional but still add a personal touch. Perhaps a note written inside an already imprinted card is all that’s needed. Thank you cards sent in a personal situation can be totally different. Sometimes silly or funny, they nonetheless let the recipient know how much their act of kindness meant to us. Often times sending or receiving thank you cards brings back a flood of memories, sometimes bittersweet, that allow us to replay the occasion in our minds.

Sending or receiving thank you cards is one of those “feel good” moments that in this fast paced world can be few and far between. We need to be sure the opportunity doesn’t pass us by.

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Business Thank You Cards and the State of Mind

All of us at one time or another in our lives has had the real joy of celebrating a special day, whether it was a birthday, anniversary, or a graduation, and have received lots of great gifts. And following these celebrations, we have all sent out thank you cards to those special people, thanking them for their generosity and thoughtfulness.

However, another excellent reason for sending thank you cards would be to let an employee know how much their work and loyalty is appreciated by their bosses and supervisors. These business thank you cards, given out without any fanfare but with a firm handshake and done unexpectedly, would be a tremendous morale booster, especially now when the economy is flagging and people’s minds may be distracted by negative economic news.

Lord knows how many people are worried about whether they may or may not keep their jobs or if they can pay their bills on time. But receiving a small note of appreciation from an authority figure can do wonders for an employee’s state of mind and productivity.

Thank You Cards for Inside and Outside of Work

When you’re having a party, no matter if it’s a birthday, special event or even just a barbecue, there’s the usual checklist of what you’ll need so your celebration is a great success. For example, you have your food menu, beverages, music, a guest list, and anything else you may need to set up your fun-filled day. What a lot of people do forget is something you’ll need once the party is over and all your guests have left. What is it you ask? Thank you cards!

Your friends and family took the time to give you a gift and made sure your party was special. You should thank them by writing thank you cards to show you appreciated them being there…even if no presents were involved! For the office, business thank you cards are a great way to show your vendors, clients, and employees how grateful you are for their business or for their outstanding work. Business thank you cards are also an indirect way of reminding your recipients that you worked with them and “please don’t forget about us in the future.” The moral of this story is let people know that them being there is important to you, and be sure to use those thank you cards inside and outside of work!

Business Thank You Cards Brighten Up My Day

The stars are not aligned today, because it was another one of those mornings. You know the kind I mean. My husband spilled the milk on the table and it dripped onto the floor. Do you think it would miss me? Nooo! Of course not. Then he says he’s in a hurry and asks if I can clean it up. Before I can answer, he says “I’ll send you a thank you card.” He thinks he’s very funny when he plays on my love of greeting cards. The family always teases me and for the most part I am amused, but not today.

Of all mornings, I’m running late, I have a wet spot on my blouse and I have a meeting concerning business thank you cards for the upcoming year (how ironic) first thing. There’s nothing worse than showing up to work disheveled, tired and annoyed. Anyway, I rushed to my desk and a colleague stops me to ask a favor. Can I please make some copies before the meeting because he had to finish a report? So much for sitting down first and enjoying a sip of tea.

From there it just gets worse. The copier needed the toner changed and can you guess what happened next? I somehow got ink smudges on my pants, the paper ran out, and it’s meeting time. Of course I am the last one there and everyone looks at me puffing, sweating, smudged and stained. That’s the kind of morning I had. I was so glad when it was lunch time.

When I came back from lunch there was an envelope on my desk. Inside was a thank you card from my colleague of the morning. He said he appreciated my helping him out. The art of sending thank you cards is not dead and there are still courteous people who express appreciation. The business thank you card was even more coveted than one coming from family or friends.

It just goes to show that, no matter how your day starts, a greeting card will brighten it up and put a smile on your face. Now you see why I have a profound love for greeting cards.

Business Thank You Cards for an Interview

At this particular moment in time, the economy is in turmoil. If you’ve been laid off and are going on interviews to secure a new stable job for your future, you may want to keep reading. Have you thought to yourself, “How will I stand out from the other qualified interviewees who want the same position that I do?” If the company has a large application quota, they may not even remember your face (or your name, for that matter).

You’ve heard about sending an email thanking your interviewers for their time, but for a more personal touch, why not send business thank you cards instead? If it’s a job you really want, you might consider sending the thank you card express or personally delivering it to the company. Business thank you cards are certain to give you an edge over the competition. And if an unfortunate turn of events leads you to not landing the job, you’ll probably be remembered for a future available position in the company because of the thank you cards you sent!

Thank You Cards are Business Savvy

Ever own a business before? Well I did, and believe me, the little things matter. Every minute detail is scrutinized by your customers. You always think to yourself, “Well that really won’t matter,” but believe me…it does! The best way to get things done in business is to get it done cheaply and with meaning.

There’s a little trick I’d like to let you all in on; something that nobody ever thought about till me. Well…okay, it’s been around forever but I bet you forgot about it. It’s simple, it’s cheap, and it’s thoughtful beyond belief. What is it? It’s writing business thank you cards! Yes, that’s it.

You know your customers by name and address. Take the time to pick up some business thank you cards and send some out. Everyone wants return customers, so why not give them a reason to believe you actually care about them? Putting together thank you cards is an easy task.

What thank you messages should you write in these cards? Well how about, “Thanks!” Okay, now stop muttering under your breath at me. Here’s a little more: “Thank you for your continuing support. We hope you had a great experience using insert your company name here.” Sign your name inside the greeting card and you’re done.

Writing thank you cards is an uncomplicated business tactic that leads to customer retention. I don’t know about you, but I like holding onto customers who spend money on my business. So when you get new customers, send them a nice reminder that their dollars spent were dollars much appreciated. And before you know it, they’ll spend more.

Business Thank You Cards Show You Care

In business it is always appropriate to express appreciation to clients, valued customers, patrons, vendors, suppliers and dedicated employees. Each one contributes to the success a company strives to achieve and each one is so very important in maintaining that success. What better way to show gratitude to these individuals than by sending each one of them an impressively designed, high quality thank you card that conveys this heartfelt sentiment?

Sending business thank you cards shows you care. A thank you card sends the message that you took the extra time and consideration to extend your gratitude toward its recipient. Don’t underestimate the power a single thank you card carries. It makes you feel special. Simple business thank you cards, whether they are sent during the Christmas holiday season or any other time of year, can assure you that you will be remembered by those who receive them.

So when you receive business thank you cards, you can be assured of this: that the greeting card you hold in your hands is truly more than just a gracious gesture of gratitude. It is a reminder…a reminder of your importance to the sender. A reminder of how special you are and that you are being thought of.

Business Thank You Cards Add a Personal Touch

According to research, 58% of moms say their children write thank you cards. It’s great to see that thank you cards are making a comeback across the nation, not just with personal thank you cards but also with business thank you cards. People don’t always realize that you do not have to write a lengthy novel. You can be brief…just a few lines at the very least.

When I was a teenager, my mother had to force me to write thank you cards to friends and relatives for birthday and Christmas presents. Years later, I appreciate whenever anyone takes the time to send me thank you cards and I’ve come to enjoy writing notes to others for all different types of situations.

Business thank you cards are perfect for acknowledging an employee’s extra efforts. It reinforces the connection between you and makes a strong impression. Thank you cards express that something you did was really special because another person took the time to write a note. I also like to send thank you cards to business associates, thanking them for anything special they may have done or for gifts they may have sent. The business world is dominated by the impersonal, quick message. Handwritten business thank you cards are an oddity so if you write thank you cards or any type of greeting cards for that matter, you stand out from the pack.

My favorite way of saying thank you is to place a greeting card in my granddaughter’s lunch box every once in a while to say “thank you for being you.” It’s so easy to say thanks in a special way!

Business Thank You Cards – A Classy Way to Apologize

I recently got back from visiting a friend who lives in Cincinnati. The trip was very enjoyable, with the exception of the return flight back to Newark. On that flight, I accidentally spilled my complimentary soda on Roy, a very well dressed business man sitting next to me. I was extremely embarrassed to find out that he had to go directly to a meeting after landing at the airport. I felt so bad about the incident that I offered to give him some money to cover the cost of dry cleaning. What was even more embarrassing was that I was all out of cash when I opened my wallet! So I took down his full name and address, promising that I would send him the dry cleaning money in the mail once I got home.

When I returned home, I immediately opened up a box of business thank you cards. I enclosed $25 in the card and wrote a note thanking Roy for his patience and understanding. A few months later, I received a greeting card in the mail. Apparently Roy had pulled my address off the return label of the original envelope and decided to send me a thank you card. Inside he wrote a note saying that he was impressed with my honesty in sending him the dry cleaning money. In addition to this, Roy was intrigued with the concept of using corporate greeting cards and started sending them to his business clients. He noted that he has already gotten positive feedback on the cards, which he feels will lead to customer loyalty.

The best part of this story was that Roy enclosed a small envelope inside the card. It contained $8.73…the leftover change from his dry cleaning bill.