Why You Should Order Thanksgiving Cards

Why should you order Thanksgiving cards? We give thanks for the obvious things; Family, food, good health. All of the normal reasons. Personally, I love to send Thanksgiving cards to my family and friends and have been doing so for a while. It wasn’t until recently that I thought that maybe it would be a good idea to send them to my clients as well.

Thanksgiving is the start of the holiday season and what better time to send out messages of thanks. Sending out Thanksgiving cards give me a jumpstart in getting and keeping my name out there. Sending greeting cards is one of the most economical ways of advertising. People like receiving cards and by not sending them, we have lost the opportunity to keep our name in the minds of the ones that serve us best.  I’m thankful for your time, your business and your trust.  Customers want a good deal, great service, but most of all, they want to be appreciated. This is why you should order Thanksgiving cards.

11 thoughts on “Why You Should Order Thanksgiving Cards”

  1. This is great advice, and can be especially helpful to a new or small business owner. Telling employees you appreciate them can create a healthy and harmonious work environment.

  2. Make sure the cards are pretty and of good quality – especially if you are going to send them to a client.

  3. Your blog was an interesting read. I’m not to familiar with the aspect of sending Thanksgiving cards. Quite frankly, this is the first time I’ve actually read about someone utilizing them. Do you think that one day Thanksgiving cards will catch on like other Holiday seasons?

  4. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday…and for many years, I have been sending out Thanksgiving cards instead of Christmas. I want my friends and family to know how grateful I am to have them in my lives and there is no better time than Thanksgiving.

  5. I’m used to seeing companies appeal to the sentimental side for sending out cards and sometimes it gets too cheesy. I like the fact that you went for the more practical benefit you get from the greeting card; advertising. This is great marketing you get while also letting people know you care with a sentimental note, that I can buy!

  6. Thanks Giving is one of my favorite holiday. I love to spend my time with my family and eat my favorite types of food.

  7. What a wonderful idea. I get holiday cards and birthday cards all the time from businesses or my kids doctors and they are really fun and lets me know that they appreciate my business. Nice way to keep your name out there.

  8. I love this idea! Never thought to send cards for Thanksgiving but it’s such a lovely sentiment. I will have to try it out this year.

  9. This is so true, I’ve been sending Thanksgiving cards for a few years now and I get so many compliments and well wishes.

  10. I’m glad you mentioned trust, Lissa. That’s a very important word in business. We small business owners need to let our customers know that we value the faith they have placed in us by allowing us to serve them year after year. I find Thanksgiving a great time of year to do this when the client is not as inundated with cards which typically happens at the end of the year.

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