Decorating Your Office For Halloween

Halloween is my favorite fun holiday.  Children and adults alike excitedly looked forward to this day from many years past and I am sure for many years to follow.  It is important that we bring the spirit of holidays into the office, since we spend most of our day at work.  When we decorate our cubicle and because everyone has their own creativity, the office is glowing with exciting themes.  DECORATING YOUR OFFICE FOR HALLOWEEN is fun and brings pleasure to all who participate.

In my office, we not only decorate but we can also dress-up in our favorite costume, if we choose.  We are actually out of character and changed into a new, and sometimes mysterious unrecognizable character.  It is so much fun that morning watching everyone come through the door.  It is not only a great day for the staff, but, also for the children.  Our wonderful company allows our children to visit our Halloween neighborhood.   Our cubicles are designed to each represent a stop along the way of Trick or Treat Alley.  The little princesses and goblins show off their Halloween styles and get a treat at each desk they stop at.  So, no matter what the weather, Halloween will be a big success in a very fun and safe environment and the employees and their families will not miss out on sharing the Halloween festivities.

14 thoughts on “Decorating Your Office For Halloween”

  1. I totally have to agree with decorating the office/cubicle. It adds a touch of personality and brightens up one’s area which always makes it easier to get through the day.

  2. That picture is the cubicle we should all strive for this Halloween season, just don’t tangle yourself in the webs!

  3. I like turtles. Zombies are all around my desk where I work but I won’t let them eat my brains, or my sandwich. Maybe I’ll put some scary vampire stickers on my lunch to protect it from the lunchroom zombies.
    xD xD xD

  4. Decorating an office for the different events is definitely plenty of fun. It reminds us we’re not just robots that simply churns out work and goes home. Bringing people together and sharing different ideas can bring people in the office closer as well!

  5. This sounds like such a fun idea! It would really entertaining to see who everyone dresses up as and handing candy out!

  6. Wow! That cubicle looks amazing. I wish I were gifted in the area of decorating, but alas I have no such talent.

  7. Ok well that is a little too much for me! I just put a skeleton on my desk and call it i day haha

  8. I’m kind of a neat freak so I doubt I’d like working with all those decorations, but I’m all for helping a co worker decorate their desk ; )

  9. What a cute idea! I love how safe, and fun that sounds! Plus I love getting to see all the kids in their costumes–seeing them up close under florescent lights sounds perfect. Love it! Plus, it makes it feel worth it to decorate your workspace.

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