Favorite Cubicle Decorating Ideas At The Office

When many people think about a cubicle, not many creative thoughts come to mind. It’s simply a work space and well that is that. Not so! Today, I am going to share a few of my favorite easy cubicle decorating ideas that will leave you feeling inspired and right at home…right in your own cubicle space!

I am a photographer and so my love for photographs is shown through everything and everywhere I go, and so of course my cubicle will be filled with photographs. You can use colorful push pins and pin up the photographs, or you can take your favorite frames and simply put a photograph on your desk! Either way photographs will not only look wonderful at your cubicle, but it will also showcase what and who you love.


Another favorite cubicle decorating idea of mine is buying decorative (or taking pieces from home) such as pencil holders, pretty tissue boxes, a vase of artificial flowers and placing them on your desk. You can also hang a beautiful calendar displaying pretty designs or photographs on your cubicle wall. Even the smallest things such as colorful post-its, decorative pens and paper…add a lot to your cubicle space. Now if you really want to add something that will make you smile at your desk, simply add one or two plastic bobble head mini toys of your favorite characters…guaranteed it will lighten up your day!

There are just so many decorating ideas…let your cubicle stand out and have your personality shine through. After all, you’re spending most of your day there….make it worth looking at!

5 thoughts on “Favorite Cubicle Decorating Ideas At The Office”

  1. The fireplace is a nice addition. So many decorations revolve around a fireplace, so it really adds a nice touch.

  2. Your cubicle looks great-I have worked for companies that prohibited any decoration, not even family pictures-at one place they had a clean desk policy, at the end of the day your desk had to be completely clear-it was a bank so I got that. Now I am working at a place that encourages creativity-I saw a desk lamp in someone’s cubical and had to have one for myself-so cozy

  3. It has taken me almost a year, but I’ve finally added a few things to my new cubicle. Much nicer than staring at all the empty walls!

  4. Having a welcoming cubicle makes coming to work more enticing. I decorate mine for every holiday and season.

  5. Great post!! Thanks for posting like this unique and useful information about favorite cubicle decorating ideas office. This is really awesome. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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