Favorite Cubicle Decorating Ideas At The Office

When many people think about a cubicle, not many creative thoughts come to mind. It’s simply a work space and well that is that. Not so! Today, I am going to share a few of my favorite easy cubicle decorating ideas that will leave you feeling inspired and right at home…right in your own cubicle space!

I am a photographer and so my love for photographs is shown through everything and everywhere I go, and so of course my cubicle will be filled with photographs. You can use colorful push pins and pin up the photographs, or you can take your favorite frames and simply put a photograph on your desk! Either way photographs will not only look wonderful at your cubicle, but it will also showcase what and who you love.


Another favorite cubicle decorating idea of mine is buying decorative (or taking pieces from home) such as pencil holders, pretty tissue boxes, a vase of artificial flowers and placing them on your desk. You can also hang a beautiful calendar displaying pretty designs or photographs on your cubicle wall. Even the smallest things such as colorful post-its, decorative pens and paper…add a lot to your cubicle space. Now if you really want to add something that will make you smile at your desk, simply add one or two plastic bobble head mini toys of your favorite characters…guaranteed it will lighten up your day!

There are just so many decorating ideas…let your cubicle stand out and have your personality shine through. After all, you’re spending most of your day there….make it worth looking at!

Birthday Cards For Business And For Pleasure

Birthdays are a great time to show someone how much you care and appreciate them. And so, birthday cards are the perfect way to show you remembered their special day. There are many choices at The Gallery Collection for you to choose from. There are cards appropriate for the office, as well as cards more suitable for personal use. I once received a birthday card from the office I worked for, and it was such a pleasant surprise! I never thought my birthday would be so significant as to receive birthday cards. It sure did make me feel more appreciated for everything I did.

Birthday Cards

Birthdays are special since they only occur once a year. For business, you may opt for a birthday card with a “Happy Birthday” and presents on the cover. If you’d like to show some of the personalities in the office, you may like the card that features several characters on the cover. If you are looking for personal cards, my personal favorite would be cards that have the delicious birthday cakes on the cover. I also love the cards that have cupcakes sprinkled all over. Who knew birthday cards could be so much fun? Make sure to choose your favorite for the next special birthday in your life.

Thank You Notes After A Job Interview

We are living during a very competitive time, in which anything and everything you do can impact your current or future job. It’s quite difficult to stand out today among so many applications, all after that one position. But what if I told you there actually is a way to shine above the rest? It’s as simple as sending a Thank you note right after your interview. Yep, that’s right. Who would have thought something as simple as a Thank you card can go so far as to have you stand out at a possible job position?


Thank you cards show that you are genuinely thankful for the opportunity to have been interviewed at the job you applied for. It shows that you truly care about the position, and also shows you are the best candidate. It is very rare to receive thank you cards today. And so if you send one out to a possible employer, it shows you went out of your way to personally thank them for sitting with you on an interview. I have sent out thank you cards numerous times, and even if I hadn’t received the position I was always remembered throughout the years and was called first when a position opened up. It doesn’t take much time, but it leaves a lasting impression. Don’t be like the rest, take the time to write a thank you card…it won’t go unnoticed!

Sympathy Messages To Write In A Card

Often times when a loved passes away it leaves us with a loss of words. We feel so much sorrow that the only thing we can do is sympathize. During these difficult times, a sympathy card with a heartfelt message is all we have to give to show someone we care. The Gallery Collection offers many sympathy cards with messages that would be appropriate for these situations. Some of the sentimental greetings that you might choose would be:

Silken Roses Sympathy Card

• “With deepest sympathy at this time of sorrow”
• “Sincere condolences to you and your family at this time of sorrow”

If you would like one that is religious there is also:

• “May God’s presence be there to comfort and guide you during this time”
• “Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this time of sorrow”.

Whichever you decide to choose, these are truly heartfelt sentiments to show others your care and sympathy for them during a difficult time.

Our Top Choices For Birthday Card Messages

Birthdays come once a year, and so they are always something everyone looks forward to. Birthday cards are the perfect way to wish someone a special day. At the Gallery Collection, we have many birthday card messages that would help you express your thoughts to that special someone. If you would like to give a simple wish, perhaps for someone at work , “Best wishes for a happy birthday!” would be perfect. If you would like something a little more personal then, “May the coming year bring you Good Health, Happiness and Success. Happy Birthday!” would tell someone just how much happiness you wish them on their birthday and for the rest of the year!

Up, Up and Away Birthday Card

Of course there are also greetings that would be appropriate for work as well. One of our favorite birthday card messages for the workplace is, “We sincerely appreciate your contributions to the success of our company. Best Wishes for a Wonderful Birthday!” Another favorite would be, “Happy Birthday! May happiness be yours on this special day and in the year ahead.” Whatever greeting you decide to place inside of your card will surely bring a smile to that special person on his/her birthday. Personal birthday cards remind someone how much they are loved, and business birthday cards tell someone how much they are valued and appreciated for all of their work on their special day. Do you have a favorite birthday card message?


Our Top Choices For Christmas Card Messages

As the holiday season nears many are on the search for the perfect gift. And every gift is also accompanied by a holiday card. When looking for the perfect Christmas cards, what do you look for? Is it the beautiful cover design which convinces you to purchase the card? Perhaps it is the heartfelt message written on the inside that wins you over. The Gallery Collection offers numerous beautiful Christmas card messages that help you express your holiday cheer to every loved one. These are some of the top choices for preprinted messages that we have to offer!

Glimmering Holiday Trio Card

• In warm appreciation of our association, we extend our Best Wishes for a happy Holiday season and a New Year filled with Peace, Joy, and Success.

• Wishing you the joy of family, the gift of friends and the best of everything for the new year.

• Merry Christmas and Warm Wishes for a Wonderful Holiday Season and a very Happy New Year.

• Season’s Greetings and Best wishes for a Happy New Year.

Whichever Christmas card message you decide to choose, you can be sure that your greeting that reflects the true holiday spirit and cheerfulness of the season.

Make Your Company Stand Out With Unique Christmas Cards

That time of year is coming around again, when we’re all hustling and bustling for the nicest holiday cards. With so many choices in every store, surely it’s become very difficult to choose which card would be perfect for my business. Every year, I usually buy an assortment box of holiday cards and then handwrite a note to all of my employees. But the company has been growing with each coming year, and so this year I wanted to make my cards unique. I wanted something different that would portray my gratitude towards my employees as well as make my company standout with unique Christmas cards.

Snowman Holiday Greetings Card

Scouting around on the internet one day I came across The Gallery Collection, and I never looked back. They not only have a beautiful assortment of cards, but the inside is also customizable! Meaning, I would no longer need to hand sign all of my cards, but rather sign one and it would be reprinted on all of them. I chose a card with a cute snowman and personalized it with a greeting and my very own signature on the bottom. I even had the option to make my signature glisten in gold foil! The cards came out so beautiful, I already can’t wait to hand them out!