70's Office Party

What Are Some Fun Office Party Themes?

Being in charge of planning office parties is tough, but I do enjoy the challenge. Every year we have at least four office parties. There is the annual Christmas party, and our office Thanksgiving feast. And then twice a year my company likes to throw a shindig to show the staff how much they appreciate all the hard work they have done. A day to just let go and have fun. We have had some really nice parties. Some of our office party themes have been “Fabulous 50’s” where we came dressed in poodle skirts, ponytails, leather jackets, and bobby socks. We had root beer floats, french fries and burgers. Hula hoop contests, bubble gum blowing contests, we even had a phrase contest. The person who wrote down the most words or phrases from the 50’s won a gift card. We’ve had the “Stars from the 70’s” theme. Everyone got to dress as their favorite star from that era. Trying to guess them was fun. We’ve also had “Country Western Roundup”, “Country Fair Jamboree” and “Desert Island Scavenger Hunt.”

70's Office Party

I think my all time favorite would have to be “A Day to Say Mahalo.” Have you ever seen a grown man hula? Everyone received their grass skirts, their coconut cups, and their leis (plastic of course). Whenever you saw someone do or say something nice, you gave them a lei. The person with the most leis at the end of the day won a gift card. We had a really nice buffet lunch also. Pulled pork, pineapple upside cake, coconut shrimp, and fish of course.

Office parties are a great way to show your staff that you really care. You can even have a contest on what the next office party theme should be. You would be surprised at all the great ideas people have.

4 thoughts on “What Are Some Fun Office Party Themes?”

  1. The Stars from the 50’s sounds like fun but I had to laugh because most of the workers here are too young to know any of them-Yikes-I could win just because I am old!

  2. I’ll bet you don’t have a big turnover at your job, people must love working in a place that appreicates their employees

  3. A happy work place is a productive work place. Four parties a year, probably generates a lot of happiness.

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