Up, Up and Away Birthday Card

Our Top Choices For Birthday Card Messages

Birthdays come once a year, and so they are always something everyone looks forward to. Birthday cards are the perfect way to wish someone a special day. At the Gallery Collection, we have many birthday card messages that would help you express your thoughts to that special someone. If you would like to give a simple wish, perhaps for someone at work , “Best wishes for a happy birthday!” would be perfect. If you would like something a little more personal then, “May the coming year bring you Good Health, Happiness and Success. Happy Birthday!” would tell someone just how much happiness you wish them on their birthday and for the rest of the year!

Up, Up and Away Birthday Card

Of course there are also greetings that would be appropriate for work as well. One of our favorite birthday card messages for the workplace is, “We sincerely appreciate your contributions to the success of our company. Best Wishes for a Wonderful Birthday!” Another favorite would be, “Happy Birthday! May happiness be yours on this special day and in the year ahead.” Whatever greeting you decide to place inside of your card will surely bring a smile to that special person on his/her birthday. Personal birthday cards remind someone how much they are loved, and business birthday cards tell someone how much they are valued and appreciated for all of their work on their special day. Do you have a favorite birthday card message?


8 thoughts on “Our Top Choices For Birthday Card Messages”

  1. While I think it’s great to send and receive birthday cards. I must be in the minority. I really get a kick out of the silly and laughable cards. My family seems to get this because my son sent me a card for my birthday that had the ‘The Retirement Village People’ on the front singing A-A-A-R-P, I wanna join the AARP! I laughed myself silly.

  2. I have to agree with this. Receiving a Birthday Card on your special day can really lift your spirits. As we age this tradition becomes more special. In this electronic world we live in, with ecards the new trend, I still think opening an envelope, seeing the beautiful artwork on the face of the card and then reading the sentiments inside can still make you feel somewhat special.

  3. I always appreciate getting a card for my birthday. It really is all I need. Some of my friends really go out of their way to find one that seems specifically made for me! Something so simple can really brighten a person’s day.

  4. Millie, you are right, getting a card on your birthday definetely lifts your spirits.

  5. I love keeping all my birthday cards, when I do my spring cleaning of the closet I sit and go through them. They make me feel so loved.

  6. What a great gesture. Sending your employee a birthday card shows you appreciate them.

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