Let’s Talk Working Dinner Venues

The only thing I like to talk about more than dinner is maybe breakfast and lunch.  Then of course there’s also brunch, dunch, linner and supper.  Whichever way we talk about food, it’s all good.  So let’s discuss work dinner venues. 

There are so many ways to go with this so it’s important to first get your facts straight.  Just like planning a wedding or any event really, it’s critical to nail down the who, what, when, and then you can more easily fill in the where.  For example, if you are planning an event for 10 people, you aren’t going to search venues requiring a minimum of 200 or more.  Instead, you’ll want to look for a cozier venue.  But there will be occasions in which you are hosting a much larger group. 

Some of the most impressive venues in New Jersey include Liberty House, Park Savoy, The Skylands Manor and Nanina’s in the Park, just to name a few. There are endless options but, of course, the most popular places will book up first and well in advance so keep that in mind as well.  You could also opt for a lesser known venue or even any restaurant that you may already enjoy. 

One of the hot trends at the moment are these event spaces that you can rent out for the night such as Vibe and make the night be whatever you want it to be.  Just make sure that you pick some place comfortable and conducive to what you are looking to achieve.

6 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Working Dinner Venues”

  1. The details matter with work meetings. Choose a place that isn’t too loud or chaotic, impressive to a client and good food with options for all.

  2. The atmosphere as well as the food are key factors to a successful business dinner. Definitely pick a place that is not too loud so the business agenda can easily be addressed.

  3. My Fiancee and I just finished a 7 week tour of wedding venues, and it was the longest and hardest 7 weeks of my life.Good news is we finally found where we are having our ceremony and reception. Lucien’s Manor in Berlin, NJ is something out of a fairy tale. Driving up, the first thing you see are huge white pillars and a Colosseum esq design. The interior was marvelous with granite and marble everywhere. One thing that really caught our attention was the cocktail hour inclusives and the amazing dinner options.

  4. A work dinner and working dinner are completely different restaurants. If my team was working late, more than likely we are having something delivered. I feel that going out at that point in time breaks concentration and probably disturb others in the restaurant. A work dinner would depend on the guest list. I am certain I would be in the hot seat if I wrote off dinner at Roots, in Morristown, on a regular basis.

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