Let’s Cut To The Chase. Which Phone Has The Best Camera?

There seem to be a lot of obstacles to go around before you can cross that finish line.  Let’s look at the entire course before any winner is chosen.

The concept of taking pictures with your phone and not carrying around another gadget is ingenious.  In many, if not most cases, the phone has become the primary way we take photos, which gives us all the opportunity to enhance our creativity with photography.  In addition, another benefit is the ability to instantly share our favorite snapshots with one or all of our friends.  It is even possible to take photos of our most memorable events such as your son or daughter’s wedding, which is why we want the best camera that will take the highest quality pictures, videos and let’s not forget those popular selfies.

The iPhone 6 has a good aspect ratio and wide angle lens which lets you get a lot more into the photo compared to some others.  The iPhone 6 seems to do better on outdoor photographing.  However, for inside pics the LG G4 and Samsung Galaxy S6 are running neck to neck.  Selfies are right up there in the race with Google Nexus 6 and HTC One M9 moving up quickly on the home stretch.

So the race will continue until all of these deciding factors are captured in one phone.  However, for me my pick remains with my iPhone 5, until I can move up the track to iPhone 6.

10 thoughts on “Let’s Cut To The Chase. Which Phone Has The Best Camera?”

  1. I love my Samsung S6 and it takes excellent pictures. Not really on board for the iPhone.

  2. I have the iphone 5s and the camera quality isn’t the greatest. The 6s, however, takes excellent pictures with vivid and crisp images. Although I have seen a google phone takes very clean and precise panoramas

  3. I just purchased the iPhone 6S, yes I’m a little behind the times, and I love the images. They are far better than the 5c which was my first iPhone. My niece has the Asurion and swears by it. This is the 2nd model she’s bought and uses it all the time for Snapchat. I guess beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

  4. I had the iPhone 5S and the camera was just ok. I upgraded to the 5SE, which I think has the same technology as the 6S. I am very pleased with the camera quality and features of the 5SE. I especially like the way the phone’s camera captures the motion just prior to snapping the photo. I am also glad that Apple is still making phones in the smaller size of the 5SE. I could never deal with the large size of the 7!

  5. Honestly, the iPhone is a seamless phone, the newer models (s6plus and up) have better quality now of course but Samsung phones take the cake for cameras. You come out with impeccable images and that is not up for debate lol

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