Tis The Season For Business Christmas Cards

by Henry L. on November 14, 2011

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Tis another Holiday Season before us …Bah Humbug! Another year of  business Christmas cards. It seems like the same old cards get sent year after year. But alas! I actually received  beautiful corporate Christmas cards from a company I had done business with in the past. It was one of the most intricate pieces of art I have seen in a long time. I sat back in my easy chair, read the card, and held onto every word. These days it seems that everyone is way too busy to really embrace the holidays, especially in the business world. So when I received my Christmas card I was thrilled to see that although I had not done business with them for a while they still took the time to remember me.

I was so excited about my receiving my Christmas card that I nearly forgot about all my family members coming to celebrate the holidays with me later that evening. I knew I had to get ready and had just remembered that I forgot to pick up the traditional holiday centerpiece for my table. I would have to think of something, and fast. There was no time to run back out. I hurried to gather everything needed for a warm and inviting family gathering, the fireplace was lit, the hors d’oeuvres were placed strategically around the table, the wine was chilling, Christmas lights and decor flavored the room, and the centerpiece of it all…. my business Christmas card!

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