Why Should My Company Start Giving Anniversary Cards?

Ever wonder if the tradition of giving Anniversary cards to your employees is worth it for your company? Here’s a few reasons for the hype.

It makes your employees feel appreciated and valued. Taking a few minutes to ready a card shows your employees that you care. They’ve given years of their time and effort to your business. The least you can do is say thank you.

It should be obvious, but grateful employees work harder than workers who feel neglected or unimportant. Even though it is such a tiny gesture to give a card, it will speak volumes to your employees. You could even put in a small gift card as an added bonus to look forward to. You want your employees to feel like they matter because they will want to work for you.

The Gallery Collection has dozens of Anniversary cards to choose from. Find a card your employees will look forward to receiving. Many companies get a different design for each year their employees have been there. You could also use the imprint line to congratulate them, thanking them for their “___ years” of service. It’s a small detail that will make all the difference! Many employees cherish these Work Anniversary cards and collect them year after year. Start this thoughtful tradition in your office!

Why Sympathy Cards Are Important

It can be difficult to know what to say or do when a friend or relative loses a loved one. And that difficulty can be compounded when the one suffering a loss is a co-worker; someone you spend hours a day with but aren’t necessarily close to.

Sympathy cards are important because they allow us to acknowledge a deeply personal experience as unobtrusively as possible.

Sympathy cards allow us to express what we might feel too awkward to say in person. Sometimes it’s hard to know the right words, or the right time. Sympathy cards perfectly sum up the sentiment we hope to convey, offering messages of comfort and compassion that can be read whenever the bereaved is ready.

Death shouldn’t be treated like a secret or something ‘we don’t talk about’ and it can mean so much to those who are mourning to know they’re being thought of with kindness, that their loss matters and they’re not alone.

While it might be hard to read early on, the thoughtful words of a sympathy card can provide comfort as time passes and there are many who save and re-read notes of sympathy whenever they’re in need of that comfort and connection.

As a business it’s important to respect your employees as individuals. Acknowledging such a profound personal event with a thoughtful sympathy card speaks volumes about your business and how it values its employees. Gallery Collection offers a wide variety of beautiful, high-quality sympathy cards and messages of compassion that perfectly convey your offer of support and comfort during a difficult time.

Mark Twain said, ‘It’s never wrong to do the right thing’ and sending a sympathy card is a gesture that will be appreciated at a time when kindness and consideration are needed most.