Top 10 Things to Consider When Picking out Personalized Folders

So you have decided to purchase some presentation folders to present your business in the best light possible to your clients. Seems simple enough but once you go online you realize there are more things to think about than you first imagined. Let me walk you through some of the things you should think before placing your first order.

Folder Color – What color best represents your company? If you have colors you typically use whether in your office décor, company logo, business letterhead etc. Consider choosing a folder that is similar in color.

Weight of Paper – Look for a folder with a medium to heavy cardstock to be sure your corporate pocket folder is not flimsy to the touch and able to house your paperwork that you will place inside.

Ink Imprinting or Foil Stamping – There are many, many ink printed folders out in the market place and some are indeed very nice. Consider a solid color with some rich foil stamping it can literally be the thing that stands out amongst a desk full of clutter and gives your client a feeling of confidence in your company.

Ink/Foil Color – Again look to your company colors or the impression you wish to make when making this very important decision.

Pockets – Are the pockets deep enough and roomy enough to put all of your marketing materials inside?

Business Card Slits – Do you need them? You do if you are planning to put your business cards in the folder.

Vertical or Horizontal Business Card – If you are putting your business card in the slits are the silts designed for both a horizontal and vertical oriented business card?

Personalization – Folders look great when they feature your company logo. Consider adding your company slogan, name, address or url.

Personalization Locations – Where you can print information on your folder is definitely something that can present some additional sales opportunities. Why not print important numbers on the inside pocket or your various locations and hours on the back?

Quantity – Typically the more presentation folders you order the lower the price per folder will be so be sure to order an ample suppy if you wish to get the most value for the dollars spent.

Birthday Cards Send a Positive Message to Employees

There is an easy way to keep morale up throughout the year, give employee birthday cards!  Everyone wants to be thought of as being important.  When a company gives you a birthday card it tells you that you matter to them.  That brings a sense of loyalty and helps build passion towards your brand and believe me you want your employees to be passionate about working for you.

There are many different cards to choose from on the internet but do not make the mistake of just getting one.  Vary it up so that you can switch up which cards go to each employee.  Try to keep track of it too; do not give the same cards to the same department.  Vary it up so everyone sees you put in an effort.  Those little things get noticed by employees.

Bring smiles to everyone’s faces when their big day comes around each year.  It is a simple gesture but one that will not be forgotten.  Most employees are so proud to get a card from their company that they bring it home and show it off to their friends and families.  That little gesture then becomes a big deal to everyone involved so make sure to go the extra mile for the ones who go the extra mile for you!

17th Annual Create a Greeting Card Scholarship Contest – Winner Announced!

Congratulations to our contest winner, Nancy Lien! 

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Why We Love Card Assortments  And You Should Too

When your friend at work tells you she is going out to dinner with her husband tonight and you make small talk about where and what for, you suddenly find out it is her BIRTHDAY tomorrow! Yowza! How could you have forgotten that!

It seems like just last month was her last birthday.  I guess it feels that way for all of us sometimes.  Often in your life you are just too busy after work to make another stop to get that card you know you really need.  Remembering to get that birthday card has now become a major nuisance!  It is a good idea to keep a few greeting cards on hand so that when an acquaintance at work lets you know it’s their birthday tomorrow or someone else is with the company an anniversary year, you are prepared.

Even one time there was a lottery winner! That called for a congratulations card!  And when a baby is born, Grandma is so proud.  When it’s time to celebrate someone or something you just might have an appropriate card on hand, and not have to run out.  This is why here at my office we love card assortments, and you should too! 

17th Annual Create a Greeting Card Scholarship Contest – Round 9 Finalists Announced!

Congratulations to our Round 9 Finalists!