Anniversary Cards for Long Time Employees

I’ve been working for one company for let me say many, many years. We sign and exchange cards for birthdays that come up on a monthly to yearly basis but it’s those rare special milestone occasions that hold true meaning for employees that have worked for a company for several years.


My company is rare because employees stay long term which is an excellent reflection of the company itself, and when companies take the time to acknowledge their thanks on those rare occasions by giving an Anniversary Card to a Long Time Employee may it be for a one year or a 10 year celebration it truly shows they appreciate that employee for the time, hard work, loyalty and dedication they’ve put in with the company. What better way to thank that long time employee by giving a Special Anniversary card to acknowledge they’re special and appreciated by the company. Anniversary cards will hold special value because they express how the company feels about you and the commitment you’re made as a long time employee to help the company succeed.

So when that special milestone Anniversary comes along for one of your long time employee, present them with that  Anniversary card to  show how much they’re still appreciated after 5, 10, 15, 20 or so years.

4 thoughts on “Anniversary Cards for Long Time Employees”

  1. Little signs of appreciation like a card really go a long way with employees. I’ve worked at companies that do nothing at all for the employees and they always seem to have a low retention rate, while the companies that do make an effort to show appreciation have happier, long-term employees.

  2. It is nice when a company actually shows appreciation and gratitude towards employees. Even if it is just a card, it is still nice to acknowledge the milestone.

  3. All it takes is a simple card to make a person feel that they are important to an organization. An anniversary card lets an employee feel their significance and let’s them know they are not just a number.

  4. I don’t think bosses should acknowledge their subordinates once every 5 years. I give elegant anniversary cards every year to all the employees I supervise. It bears as a constant reminder that their efforts do not go unnoticed especially when they go above and beyond the call of duty.

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