Should I send Anniversary Cards to Employees?

Should you send your employees Anniversary cards? It makes your employees feel special. Not only did you care to remember, you went a step further and congratulated them in a quality card. Some long-term employees might even keep your cards every year, so this can really be a distinctive way to thank your employees for their commitment. It’s not often that employees get thanked for their diligence, so sending a card is an extra sentiment that will perk your employees up.

If you are worried about the cost, there is a simple solution. Buying cards in bulk reduces the price. This is especially helpful if you have a large company with many employees. The Gallery Collection offers specific card designs, in quantities of 25, or Assortment boxes (which contain 35 cards each). There are many ways to customize your cards, but if cost is your concern, many features are included in the price. For assistance, call at the toll-free number 800-950-7064 or contact The Gallery Collection via the website.

If you want your employees to feel proud of where they work and appreciated for all they do, consider getting them Anniversary cards. You could even have the inside include something to the effect of: “Thank you for your _______ of continued service!” and in the blank fill in the number of years you have had the honored employee.

Anniversary Gift Ideas for Employees

When an employee or a coworker anniversary comes up, it’s always nice to show your appreciation by giving them a gift they would enjoy. Whether it is their first year or their fiftieth a simple present can express how much you value their efforts. Plus you don’t have to break the bank doing it! Below are ten great ideas if you can’t figure the right thing to give. And don’t forget, always send employee anniversary cards for that extra special touch!


1. Gift Card with a Gift Card Holder – Add a personal touch to a gift card with a gift card holder. You can create one out of scrap booking paper with a pretty design and glue it together like an envelope. The gift card could go towards their favorite store, restaurant or even a spa treatment. It’s a simple present but with the gift card holder it’ll look like you put some thought into it and best of all it prevents the risk of getting something they may not like.

2. Gift Basket – They are varieties of gift baskets that can be specialized to what you know your coworker / employee would like. Fill the gift basket with something edible, beauty/bath products or focused on a theme.

3. Bake It Yourself (BIY) Jars – If your coworker likes sweets or likes to bake create BIY jar. Simply add the dry ingredients into a mason jar. Provide them with instructions on how to assemble the ingredients together and tie the top with some colorful string.

4. Handmade soaps/lotions – It always good to show support to local shops and by buying bath soaps and lotions from a local store are authentic and they tend to smell better too. It also looks great to put them together in a basket on top of some brown paper or tissue paper.

5. Tea Assortment Box – After a hard days work, sometimes a cup of tea is all that is required to unwind. Give your employee / coworker the essentials for them to relax at their desk or at home. The assortment will leave the option for them to either to soothe the stress away with some Chamomile or English Breakfast when they need a little pick me up.

6. Coffee Mug – Everyone enjoys a good coffee mug at their desk. Find something that is personal with stuff you know your employee / coworker would love. Pick a design with their favorite sports team, a funny message or of their favorite animal pet.

7. Sport Memorabilia – Sport fans love to show their appreciation to their favorite teams. If you know they are a big fan of a particular sports team and like to show it, give them a jersey, a poster or a ball with their favorite sports logo.

8. Recipe Book – Some people love to cook; a recipe book that’s simple and quick of their favorite cuisine or from their favorite chef. Maybe they’ll enjoy it so much; they will bring something to share with everyone else in the office.

9. Luggage – When they go away for business or on vacation, a travel bag makes the perfect present. Get it with personalization too. For business or vacation, it’s nice to have something to put one’s stuff away when you need it.

10. Office plant – Brighten up your employee’s desk or cubicle with a touch of green. Plants in an office environment are known to improve productivity and purify the air. Although, some office areas can have limited sunlight or central air in the building can vary often, so find a plant that’s low maintenance and can withstand variation of light and shade. Such as; a spider plant, a philodendron or a peace lily.

Anniversary Cards for Long Time Employees

I’ve been working for one company for let me say many, many years. We sign and exchange cards for birthdays that come up on a monthly to yearly basis but it’s those rare special milestone occasions that hold true meaning for employees that have worked for a company for several years.


My company is rare because employees stay long term which is an excellent reflection of the company itself, and when companies take the time to acknowledge their thanks on those rare occasions by giving an Anniversary Card to a Long Time Employee may it be for a one year or a 10 year celebration it truly shows they appreciate that employee for the time, hard work, loyalty and dedication they’ve put in with the company. What better way to thank that long time employee by giving a Special Anniversary card to acknowledge they’re special and appreciated by the company. Anniversary cards will hold special value because they express how the company feels about you and the commitment you’re made as a long time employee to help the company succeed.

So when that special milestone Anniversary comes along for one of your long time employee, present them with that  Anniversary card to  show how much they’re still appreciated after 5, 10, 15, 20 or so years.

Top 10 Employee Anniversary Gift Ideas

Celebrating an employee’s anniversary is an important way of letting him or her know that you appreciate the commitment that they show to your company.

If the employee has been with the company for an extended length of time, (such as 25 years) a fantastic idea would be to have a dinner or party in the employee’s honor. At the party, the guest of honor can be presented with their anniversary gift. In addition to a gift, it’s always smart to circulate an anniversary card through the office so the entire staff can sign it and pass along their good wishes.


Of course, anniversaries can be celebrated for shorter milestones, such as 5, 10, 15 or 20 years. Many companies present employees with a catalog of gifts they can choose from. This may be less personal, but it ensures that each employee is getting a gift that will prove to be useful.

However, if you’ve decided to make a choice without the help of a catalog, here is a helpful list of employee anniversary gift ideas

  1. Tickets to a sporting or music event—A great choice for someone who has a devotion to a specific team or band. This will provide your employee with wonderful memories for years to come.
  2. A personalized or engraved plaque or trophy—This could be something the employee displays at home or in their office.
  3. Jewelry—Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but any nice piece of jewelry will make an employee feel appreciated.
  4. A watch—Although a watch is technically a piece of jewelry, it deserves a category of its own because it’s one of the most well known, classic corporate gifts.  The reason? It serves as an important symbol of the years of connection between the company and the employee. Often, the watch can be engraved or have the company name on the face.
  5. Small Kitchen Appliance—A coffeemaker, blender or toaster. Any of the everyday kitchen conveniences can be given as an anniversary gift. While it may not be what someone thinks of when they think of a special gift, it is practical!
  6. A golf club or set of clubs—Golf enthusiasts are always looking to improve their game, and nothing makes them happier than a specially selected club. This could also be personalized to make it more special.
  7. A “Foodie” gift—This could be anything related to food. A basket of gourmet chocolates, a gift certificate to a restaurant, an expensive bottle of wine, or a subscription to a fruit of the month club. Foodie gifts are usually a great choice because almost everyone loves to eat. They also have the benefit of being appealing to either gender.
  8. A “Techie” gift—There are so many different computer gadgets out today, there could be a top ten list of technology related gifts of their own. We all know someone who has to have the newest model of everything.  A techie gift would be the perfect choice for them.  Some ideas are: the latest tablet, e-book reader, video game console, or Smartphone.
  9. A contribution to a charity or a cause your employee supports—You really have to know your employee with this one.  Not everyone welcomes a gift to someone else with open arms.  A charitable employee who is always giving of their time might find this to be the perfect gift.
  10. A gift card to a store that the employee is known to frequent—Although some people may not think a gift card is as personal as an actual gift, if you know your employee loves basketball, a gift card to a sporting goods store is a great idea.