Business Anniversary Cards Create a Puzzled Response

I had just celebrated my ninth anniversary with my company. I was so happy to receive business anniversary cards acknowledging my years of service that I proudly displayed them on my shelf at work. A few days later, I was nice enough to allow a friend of mine to borrow my car to run a few errands while her car was in the shop. Meaghan was dropped off at my office to pick up my keys and was going to pick me up after my work day had ended. I was busy assisting a customer with an order when she arrived so she quickly busied herself by looking at all the knick knacks, decorations, and photos I had displayed around my desk. She picked up one of the anniversary cards on my shelf and began to open it with a puzzled look on her face. She caught my eye and mouthed “who sent you an anniversary card at work?”

I had completed the call at that point and explained to her who the card was from. The card has been signed by both of my managers and the president and owner of the company. The brief but thoughtful comments made by the people I work with even brought a smile to my friends face. She couldn’t believe that the company took the time to send personally signed anniversary cards to all their staff members. “What a morale booster!” Meaghan stated. She quickly asked for a catalog she could bring into her office the next day. She wanted to show her human resources department the cards. Meaghan couldn’t think of a better way to recognize an anniversary with the company and come to think of it, neither could I.

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