Business Anniversary Cards Used for Personal Gain

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It seems that each year my wife and I keep buying more anniversary cards to send out to friends, family and clients. I think we sent out around 15 anniversary cards last year and this will only increase over the next couple of years.

So to alleviate the stress of having to find the perfect greeting cards each time we need to send them, we decided to place a bulk order for 25 business anniversary cards. While these business anniversary cards are normally used in a corporate environment, we liked them because the greeting cards were elegant yet simple. When placing the order, we purposely did not include a personalized imprint on the inside of the anniversary cards. By doing so, we are now able to personalize each greeting card by writing our own little note to the individuals it was being sent to.

Buying business anniversary cards is very convenient for us, as it has saved us on time and stress. In fact, I have a funny story on how the convenience of the anniversary cards affected my own personal life. A few weeks ago, my wife and I celebrated our anniversary. I was so focused on finding the right gift that I totally forgot about buying greeting cards. I remembered this at the last second and reached for one of the anniversary cards we recently purchased. I figured this greeting card (along with a personal note) would be better than no greeting card at all.

About an hour later I gave my wife the anniversary card and was eager to see her reaction. When she opened it, she started to laugh hysterically. When she finally gained her breath, I asked her why she was laughing. She then reached behind her back and gave me her greeting card…it was the exact same one!

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