Birthday Cards and Good Company

Every year we get those cheery reminders that the little odometer inside of us just went up one. Those reminders are commonly known as birthday cards. Some of those birthday cards contain balloons, cakes, streamers, sailboats, palm trees, etc. and they all have meaningful or funny sentiments.

I am probably in the majority when I say that when my birthday comes around I would rather it pass without being noticed, especially at work. However, I cannot help but be thankful that my fellow employees are nice enough to remember my birthday and take the time to send me their best wishes in birthday cards.

One of the special birthday cards I receive is from our Chairman of the Board and our President. I do enjoy the personal touch that gets put into the birthday cards. I am not sure how many companies send out company birthday cards to their employees but I believe they serve an important purpose in further recognizing employees.

Out of all the birthday cards that I receive each year, the only birthday cards that I have kept are the company birthday cards from my employer. It may be that I feel those birthday cards are special because they are the ones that you do not really expect to receive.

This blogger celebrates his birthday on September 18th. You can feel free to send me birthday cards as a reminder that my odometer went up one again.

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