Appreciate Your Employees with Anniversary Cards

     Who doesn’t like being praised? It is human nature to feel the need to know that what we do matters. When we are children we look to our parents for praise that we’re doing things as they should be done and as we get older we get the feedback from teachers and coaches. Once in the work field it is easy to forget to praise employees and in my opinion that is very important for the morale of the company. We should be appreciating our employees when they do their job well and go above and beyond. Even more we should show them that appreciation on their anniversary with the company. There is no better way to show the employee that you care then with a wonderful anniversary card.

Colorful Ribbon Anniversary Card - Design H4RAY
Colorful Ribbon Anniversary Card – Design H4RAY


     Such a simple yet wonderful gesture to show that what they do and their role in the company matters. Anniversaries are special no matter the occasion and in this day in age not a whole lot of companies are seeing that as an opportunity to give their employee acknowledgement. With a beautiful card we can help boost the morale of the company and show someone that you remembered. Most times it’s the small things a person does that others appreciate most.

6 thoughts on “Appreciate Your Employees with Anniversary Cards”

  1. I work for a company that acknowledges their employees milestones like giving an Anniversary card on that special day and believe me, it’s a real moral booster that makes you feel appreciated.

  2. I have never received an anniversary card from my company and while I enjoy working for this organization it would be nice to be officially recognized. I think everyone needs encouragement as you can’t be sure how valuable and appreciated you are unless this is communicated.

  3. I woudl rather have my company acknowledge my Anniversary than my Birthday. Please recognize the years of service from your employees. Send Anniversary Cards! Your employees will appreciate it.

  4. The big anniversaries tend to be 5, 10, 15…and so on but giving a card for the 2nd and 3rd would be say so much.

  5. I used to work for a company that gave you a letter every year on your anniversary. It was nice and even reminded me how long I was working there, because the days do sometimes just blend together and you forget. It’s nice when someone else remembers your important day.

  6. Taking the time to recognize the time an employee has given to a company is an excellent way to increase office morale. That little gesture goes a long way

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