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Anniversary Banner Greeting Card – Design 568AR

4-9-2015 10-04-00 AM

This is the perfect card to congratulate someone on a milestone anniversary.  It could be a couple’s 1st, 5th, 25th, or 50th anniversary.  Maybe it could be an anniversary for a co-worker at your business.  Either way, you want to make sure that you give the best card you can give.  You can’t ever go wrong with one of our most vibrant and colorful cards full of banners and streamers!

Anniversary Fleur-De-Lis Greeting Card – Design 747AY

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The card presents a golden and blissful “Happy Anniversary” on the front.  It’s an elegant way to congratulate a loved one for a wedding anniversary, especially with the beautiful Fleur-De-Lis on the front.  A Felur-De-Lis is French for “lily” or “iris” and has multiple special religious and non-religious meanings.  Some of them being purity, chastity, wisdom, and the continuing presence of heraldry in everyday life.  It is also known to symbolize the Virgin Mary and the Holy Trinity.

Surprise Anniversary Card – Design 274AY

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Are you part of a group or family looking to give your best wishes to a loved one for a special anniversary?  You can help surprise them with a card from all of you!  The exploding gift box on the front is perfect if the anniversary event will include gift-giving.

Corporate Happy Anniversary Card – Design 78YAY

4-9-2015 10-04-50 AM

Looking for a professional card that is appropriate for a corporate or business occasion?  This card was specifically designed to fit these needs.  Not only is this another perfect card to give in a corporate setting, but the design on the front has a beautiful mix of Gold, Green, & Pearl foils.

Happy Anniversary Star Card – Design 86FAR

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This is certainly a card that will catch your eye!  The golden star dazzles the front cover along with a gorgeously written “Happy Anniversary” in golden embossed foil.  The gold color really shines with the “dark as night” background. You also get 2 free gold gel pens with your order on dark stock cards.  This is a hard deal to pass up on, especially since it is one of the most attractive Anniversary cards on the website.

15 thoughts on “Greeting Cards Highlight – Anniversary Cards”

  1. These are such a beautiful collection of anniversary cards. Our company gives their employees anniversary cards to acknowledge their achievements.

  2. Your cards are so nice. They’re appropriate for guys and gals. It’s great to be appreciated for the years we stay on the job, especially when we hear about people changing jobs so often.

  3. I think anniversaries are almost as important as birthdays. Birthdays are my favorite but anniversaries are special days too. So sending or receiving an anniversary card makes whatever the occasion you’re celebrating a little bit brighter.

  4. The “Surprise” one (274AY) with the delightful little present is even better in person. I got one of these from work and it made my anniversary even more special.

  5. Anniversaries are milestones in everyone’s life as are Birthdays. Everyone loves to get a card on their special day and your selection is the best with so many cards to choose from. Thanks for all the beautifuls cards.

  6. The Anniversary Fleur-De-Lis card is my favorite out of this bunch. The design is elegant and timeless.

  7. It is nice to recognize work anniversaries. It is so rare to see people stay at one company for a long time. Anyone who sticks around long enough deserves a card!! Beautiful selection at Gallery Collection too. I order all our company’s cards here and the quality is outstanding, along with the great service. We used the black card at the bottom for anniversaries last year.

  8. I like that first card, the Banner one. It’s not formal, it’s fun just like where I work. I’m a server in a chain restaurant where there’s a lot of singing for the customer’s birthdays. But for the rest of us I’d like management to celebrate the anniversaries of all the workers.

  9. The first card with the banners is bright and festive and would be perfect for lots of anniversaries. I prefer a lighthearted, casual design over a formal one – it seems more personal somehow.

  10. I’m surprised that there is such a variety of cards, even in the anniversary group, on your site. Business or personal, it’s there. That black & gold card is stunning. Not every place gives out anniversary cards but I think it’s a good idea. It’s a small token of appreciation and so easy to do.

  11. When you work for a long time at a company it is nice to get a card and be appreciated. It shows your work and dedication is being recognized.

  12. I’ve been giving my employees anniversary cards form Gallery Collection for years. They are grateful for the acknowledgement of their time at the company and they always love the cards. Gallery Collection makes such beautiful cards!

  13. These lovely cards really catch your eye. I will be happy to send them out to family, friends and professional colleagues. Sending a card brings me happiness when I picture how people will react when they receive them.

  14. These cards are awesome! I am looking forward to getting one of these when I have this special event.

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