New Year’s Cards – When You Want To Stand Out From The Holiday Crowd

New Year’s Cards are one of the most underrated cards in the market.  This is mainly because Christmas (and Chanukah during certain years), fall just 1-2 weeks before New Year’s Eve. You also have other holidays that fall within this time frame.  The New Year is a perfect time for many people to have a fresh start.  This could include their job, their diet, or their overall lifestyle. There is nothing wrong with spreading a positive message to your co-workers, clients, or loved ones to start off the New Year right!

New Year’s cards could be nice recognition for your employees, and a nice touch to start off a brand new year.  It is thoughtful, but also a unique option when compared to Christmas or Chanukah cards.  Saying “Happy New Year” is very universal and they can be perfect for folks who may not celebrate December holidays as heavily as others. There is also no reason why you can’t give a New Year’s card in addition to another holiday card. Going back to work can be stressful for some after a long holiday break, so why not cheer up your employees with a nice New Year’s greeting card?

Stay Connected To Your Employees with Employee Birthday Cards


I’ve been in business a long time and it doesn’t seem like it was ever harder to stay afloat than it is today. Maybe I’m just getting old, but I feel like I need to constantly learn something new to keep pace with the competition. Don’t get the wrong idea, I never stood still. I understand about keeping up, if you don’t, forget about it. I’m talking about the speed of it all today, seems like I’m always a little behind. Email, Facebook, twitter and all the ways to connect that I don’t know about yet. Being where the business is makes me dizzy!

It makes me wonder too about some of the things I spend my money on. There’s never been a greater urgency to look for ways to trim the fat, and get the most out of every nickel. Employee birthday cards, for example. Are they really worth the time, effort and expense? There are cards for anniversaries, Christmas and more so it adds up. I know it’s important to stay connected to your employees, but do they really care about getting a card? I know they used to, but I’ve got a lot of new, younger people now and I’m not so sure.

Honestly I hate how impersonal and cold it would be to do away with the cards, employee birthday cards. I think I’ll look elsewhere for savings. I’m betting the personal touch is still worth something.

Greeting Cards Highlight – Anniversary Cards

Anniversary Banner Greeting Card – Design 568AR

4-9-2015 10-04-00 AM

This is the perfect card to congratulate someone on a milestone anniversary.  It could be a couple’s 1st, 5th, 25th, or 50th anniversary.  Maybe it could be an anniversary for a co-worker at your business.  Either way, you want to make sure that you give the best card you can give.  You can’t ever go wrong with one of our most vibrant and colorful cards full of banners and streamers!

Anniversary Fleur-De-Lis Greeting Card – Design 747AY

4-9-2015 10-04-18 AM

The card presents a golden and blissful “Happy Anniversary” on the front.  It’s an elegant way to congratulate a loved one for a wedding anniversary, especially with the beautiful Fleur-De-Lis on the front.  A Felur-De-Lis is French for “lily” or “iris” and has multiple special religious and non-religious meanings.  Some of them being purity, chastity, wisdom, and the continuing presence of heraldry in everyday life.  It is also known to symbolize the Virgin Mary and the Holy Trinity.

Surprise Anniversary Card – Design 274AY

4-9-2015 10-04-34 AM

Are you part of a group or family looking to give your best wishes to a loved one for a special anniversary?  You can help surprise them with a card from all of you!  The exploding gift box on the front is perfect if the anniversary event will include gift-giving.

Corporate Happy Anniversary Card – Design 78YAY

4-9-2015 10-04-50 AM

Looking for a professional card that is appropriate for a corporate or business occasion?  This card was specifically designed to fit these needs.  Not only is this another perfect card to give in a corporate setting, but the design on the front has a beautiful mix of Gold, Green, & Pearl foils.

Happy Anniversary Star Card – Design 86FAR

4-9-2015 10-05-05 AM

This is certainly a card that will catch your eye!  The golden star dazzles the front cover along with a gorgeously written “Happy Anniversary” in golden embossed foil.  The gold color really shines with the “dark as night” background. You also get 2 free gold gel pens with your order on dark stock cards.  This is a hard deal to pass up on, especially since it is one of the most attractive Anniversary cards on the website.

An Unexpected Turkey Day Treat – Business Christmas Cards For Thanksgiving

Business Christmas cards are standard practice when it comes to the business world. If you have clients, if you have employees, there should not be a Christmas that goes by where you do not show your appreciation with a card. There is no more personal of a message than one you wrote and signed yourself. There is also no more of a commercial than a card that says your company name that sits right on your client’s desk for a month or two. But there may be something you are overlooking. There is another opportunity to share your message of appreciation.

Thanksgiving Cards

There is nothing more American than eating turkey on Thanksgiving. The Detroit Lions have just finished up losing to whoever they are playing and the wife is ready for you to carve up the bird. The stuffing has filled up everyone’s nostrils and you cannot wait to see how that turkey injection you did for the first time tastes. Now what is more personal than that? Thanksgiving Cards can be a way to entrench your brand along with this American standard. It will not hurt that for an extra month your company name will be sitting on former, current, and potential client’s desks. So keep sending those Christmas Cards, but do not forget to go the extra mile and celebrate turkey day. Don’t forget the Thanksgiving Cards.