Why Business Anniversary Cards are the Best

I love anniversary cards! And, business anniversary cards are the best! I’ll tell you why. If you’re someone who’s blessed with loving family, caring friends, and congenial co-workers, you may find yourself just a bit jaded about receiving lots of birthday cards and Christmas cards, and even get well cards when you’re ailing.

If you’re married, you pretty much expect to exchange anniversary cards with your mate. But, how many wedding anniversary cards are sent to you every year? Odds are, if you’ve been married for over a year, unless you’re celebrating a special anniversary such as your 25th or 50th, you are receiving few or none outside of your own household. However, that’s not the only type of anniversary you might be celebrating!

For instance, a wonderful realtor helped me to find my current home. I hope to live in this house for the rest of my life. I remember the realtor’s name but don’t know which agency she may now be working with. I’d be pleased to recommend her to others. If she had thought to send me business anniversary cards each October to note my happy purchase, not only would it make me feel great, it would also let me know where to send my house-hunting friends.

Employment anniversaries are something of a big deal where I work. That’s probably because it’s such a great place to come to every day that it’s common for employees to stay for decades, and for them to work so conscientiously that they are encouraged to stay. One means of encouragement is the business anniversary card each employee receives annually to mark their date of hire. These cards are proudly displayed by each recipient. Not only is there a hand-written note in each to denote which anniversary is being acknowledged and to whom, but all of the company’s executive officers along with the recipient’s department managers writes his or her own personal note and signature. This seemingly small gesture means a great, great deal.

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