Corporate Happy Anniversary Card

What Should I Write In Employee Happy Anniversary Cards?

As a senior HR manager, I highly recommend acknowledging each employee’s anniversary with a simple gesture. In fact boosting employee loyalty and strengthening morale can often be obtained with a personal card, letter or phone call. I prefer to send cards, and one of the most common questions I get from my colleagues is “What should I write on employee Happy Anniversary cards?” The answer will vary, of course, from company to company, and from employee to employee. But my experience has shown me that a few sincere words from management will often do the trick.

Corporate Happy Anniversary Card

In these modern times, employees generally need more than their paycheck. The feeling of being appreciated is extremely crucial to job success and commitment. Some organizations choose to acknowledge every anniversary, while others prefer to recognize “significant anniversaries” like 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, etc. Personal recognition can be obtained with sending an elegant card and some words of appreciation. Choose your cards thoughtfully, keeping professionalism in mind. Then, including phrases like “Thank you for your hard work and dedication” and “We appreciate your being part of our success” or any genuine expression of thanks can be worth more to an employee than an expensive gift.

6 thoughts on “What Should I Write In Employee Happy Anniversary Cards?”

  1. This is so true – feeling appreciated in your work is so important. I think it’s great when a company goes that little bit extra to acknowledge their appreciation, and an anniversary card is such a simple, elegant way to do that. We spend so much of our time at work – it’s nice to be remembered on a personal level.

  2. My company sends out yearly Anniversary cards which is very nice and greatly appreciated. But one year my boss wrote: “Glad to Have You” on the inside of the card. I’m hoping he meant to finish with…working here, or seomthing like that. I was a little embarassed to display that year’s card.

  3. Our company not only gives us a card signed by all the supervisors each year on our anniversary, but the CEO himself comes around and shakes our hand and wishes us a very heartfelt and sincere congratulations as well. How can you not want to do your best for people like that?

  4. It’s nice to be acknowledged in both your personal life and business. If your employer takes the time to give you a card or other token of appreciation it truly motivates.. Let’s face it, the higher the morale the better chance you stand at a successful business.

  5. If one is not happy at work it can surely drain one’s morale. Recognition should be given to employees accordingly.

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