Woman Reading Birthday Card

Why You Should Be Sending Out Personalized Birthday Cards

One day I was feeling very low; everything felt like it was not going right. I was away from my family. My parents were in different state. I was not satisfied with my work life. Due to hectic work life, I was not able to get together with my friends and somewhere deep inside I was feeling frustrated by the same old daily routine of waking up, going to the office, coming back, having dinner and then sleep. As it is rightly said that sometimes it’s better to hold on instead of giving up and mourning, I started my day with the usual stuff like checking my mail box, surfing the net, etc. To my astonishment, when I checked my mail box, I saw an extraordinary envelope sealed with a lovely sticker over it. I was very much surprised when I saw personalized birthday cards from my childhood friend.

Woman Reading Birthday Card

I was totally surprised and very much excited to see my birthday card. That moment I realized,  “Oh, my birthday is in 2 days!” I got very  emotional seeing a birthday card from my best friend with a couple of quotes describing me and our childhood days. I could actually feel the closeness and deep friendship by continuously looking at my birthday card. I forgot all the hectic work life and tensions. It was lovely to have a personalized birthday card from one of my best buddies!

3 thoughts on “Why You Should Be Sending Out Personalized Birthday Cards”

  1. Isn’t it funny how something that seems like not a big deal can mean so much? I still love getting birthday cards, and I have quite a few birthdays behind me 😉 We sometimes get so caught up in nonsense and we just kind of get carried along with life; it’s a great feeling when you know someone took a moment in the middle of all the hubbub to do so something nice just for you.

  2. The best part of having a birthday is getting cards – especially the ones where the giver tells you how much you mean to them. I also love to give birthday cards because I always tell the receiver how much they mean to me. It’s a win-win situation.

  3. Like Nina’s story shows, sending a birthday card is never the wrong thing to do. You never know when someone needs the pick me up, or just to know there’s someone out there thinking of them. And if your recipient is eagerly anticipating their special day, adding to their joy will only increase your own. Birthday cards are a win-win.

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