Calling All Foodies: 5 Delicious Birthday Card Ideas

You know what I love about birthdays?? All that food! The cakes, the cupcakes, the brownies…ALL THE SWEETS! It’s the greatest. But there’s something even better than that. How could something be better than food you ask? Well it is possibly my friends. Yup, it’s receiving your favorite goodies on a birthday card!

Think I’m lying? Check out these 5 birthday cards from The Gallery Collection that are sure to make you say “Yummy”.

1)    Happy Birthday to You! Card [Design # 57PJE]
This birthday card is sure to highly please your senses, especially to taste! Perfect for the ladies in your office this card offers wonderful pink, purple & green colors to ensure to make someone’s birthday very special.

2)    Happy Birthday! Card [Design # 50QJE]
With this birthday card perfect for either male or female co-workers, it’s a great way to celebrate their birthday…with a little help from chocolate birthday cake.

3)    Six Layers of Fun Birthday Card [Design # 58PJR]
What happens when a birthday celebration meets Alice in Wonderland? You end up with this fun birthday card design! Who doesn’t love a birthday cake inspired by a Disney movie?

4)    Cupcake Trio Birthday Card [Design # 55PJE]
My personal favorite birthday card! This adorable birthday card is perfect to give to your fellow co-worker. A great way to add a cherry on top of a fantastic birthday festivity for your employee.

5)    Sweet Birthday Card [Design # 52PJR]
And last but definitely not least, this delightful & lovely birthday card. Simple but sweet, it gets right to the point: Wishing you a happy birthday!

With all these pleasant & enjoyable birthday cards to choose from, it makes you start to wonder if it’s ok to always skip dinner & go right to dessert!

13 thoughts on “Calling All Foodies: 5 Delicious Birthday Card Ideas”

  1. SO many options to pick from. Gallery Collection cards are all beautiful, but these cupcake cards are my favorite!!

  2. All that cake on paper! We do have the obligatory cakes & other sweets for office birthdays here.
    But we’re all concerned about our waistlines & our health so there are plenty of fresh veggies, too. But I don’t think a card with celery sticks and carrots on the front would wow anyone.

  3. Yes your card selections do look yummy and are fun to look at. But in reality give me a slice of the rainbow cake on design H4MAY and a present wrapped as brightly as G1UAY and my birthday would be complete! I have never seen such vibrant and colorful birthday photo cards anywhere.

  4. For sure, have dessert first! I’m surprised you picked just the five cards because there are a lot more to tempt the our taste buds. There are 51 foodie-themed cards for birthdays! And I saw the winner of the scholarship has cupcakes on her card as well. Bon Appetite everyone!

  5. Love that chocolate cake on the card 50QJE. It’s got three layers to love, unless you’re allergic to chocolate. I always feel bad for people with allergies to food that I love. It’s got to be rough. But cards that have cakes & cupcakes are really safe, and pretty, and fun.

  6. I’m already imagining the flavors of the icing on the cupcakes that the winner of the scholarship contest painted. Pink, green and orange colored – maybe strawberry, pistachio and peach? The card is luscious looking but we have to wait for it to be in the catalog. But the birthday cards mentioned here are all very yummy looking for sure.

  7. The Gallery Collection has sooo many beautiful cards, that it is impossible to pick just one. Each has its own wonderful chatacteristics.

  8. I am all about the cupcakes! Really cute choices. Love that there are always tons of new designs each year. I’ve been ordering for so many years and never have to repeat a card.

  9. I love the new selection of Birthday Cards. Who wouldn’t want to receive a card with food on it.
    The cards are so colorful and tasty looking it makes you want to go out and buy a cake or cupcake right now!

  10. They all look delicious but I have to say the yellow cupcake with the chocolate icing is the one for me. I’m not even a big sweet eater but I want that cupcake!!

  11. All the cards look great! But I have to say the yellow cupcake with the chocolate icing is the one for me. I’m not even a big sweet eater but I want that cupcake!

  12. the third design is my favorite of the bunch – great selection, gallery collection cards are so pretty!

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