Good Ways To Deal With Stress At Work

In our lives we are met with challenges that test our patience, our character, and sometimes all that we have held true to our personal image. Though we look for escapes they are not always available to us, the stress builds and we become less of who we want and more aggressive or more detached from our social structures. It can engulf so much of our lives we sometimes begin to think these feelings normal, all from negativity and stress. Stress at work can add to the already overwhelming amount of difficulties presented in life, but if we take a few short moments to collect ourselves, we can spare ourselves some weight from the boulders we each push uphill.

Stress at Work

Available at all of our desks is a key to lower stress levels. While reading, take both hands and place them palm up on your desk. Rest your feet on the ground and relax your body against your chair. Close your eyes and breathe in heavily through your nostrils, expanding your abdomen as you do. Hold your mounted breath for a moment and exhale slowly, pulling your abdomen in as you do. While taking the time to focus on your breathing, tell yourself you are relaxed. Repeat it while you inhale, feel the weightlessness of your limbs. When you again open your eyes, repeat that you are relaxed. Whenever you feel stress or negativity, you can come back to this small meditative exercise for as long as necessary.

Stress at work can be out maneuvered by simply removing yourself from the situation momentarily to collect thoughts. Taking the time to focus on our breathing can again center ourselves when we spin away; taking the time to work through a stressful work situation can relieve us from continued negativity throughout the day. You deserve to feel as stress free as possible, and you can begin your journey today!

Christmas Cards Made Simple

The demands associated with running a new business can be hard, especially with the holiday season just around the corner. When I started running my own HVAC Systems business, I was not quite prepared for the sometimes overwhelming tasks that come hand in hand with running your own business. I started it in March and after a few extremely short months, thought I’d be running my new business right into the ground! The holiday season brought upon a whole new host of problems and I had no idea one of the biggest thorns in my side would be Christmas cards! My business mainly installs central air conditioning units for large wholesalers, personal homes, and everything in between; thinking of a greeting that fit my holiday wishes to my wide range of clients was difficult, but the answer finally came as a catalog in the mail.

Christmas Wishes Holiday Card

The Gallery Collection helped me down to every detail of the card (I had no idea I would be thinking so much about whether to use ‘and’ or ‘&’!) The process in my head that took weeks to mull over was done on the phone in less than 30 minutes. They had no problem incorporating my logo into the card; allowing me to send holiday greetings and drive some business. After the season, I was overwhelmed with the amount of business I had received by just sending out a holiday greeting! I would recommend The Gallery Collection for corporate Christmas cards, small businesses, or anybody who needs a few to say something special. The staff is wonderful to work with and I anticipate not having to think about these in the future!