Christmas Cards Made Simple

The demands associated with running a new business can be hard, especially with the holiday season just around the corner. When I started running my own HVAC Systems business, I was not quite prepared for the sometimes overwhelming tasks that come hand in hand with running your own business. I started it in March and after a few extremely short months, thought I’d be running my new business right into the ground! The holiday season brought upon a whole new host of problems and I had no idea one of the biggest thorns in my side would be Christmas cards! My business mainly installs central air conditioning units for large wholesalers, personal homes, and everything in between; thinking of a greeting that fit my holiday wishes to my wide range of clients was difficult, but the answer finally came as a catalog in the mail.

Christmas Wishes Holiday Card

The Gallery Collection helped me down to every detail of the card (I had no idea I would be thinking so much about whether to use ‘and’ or ‘&’!) The process in my head that took weeks to mull over was done on the phone in less than 30 minutes. They had no problem incorporating my logo into the card; allowing me to send holiday greetings and drive some business. After the season, I was overwhelmed with the amount of business I had received by just sending out a holiday greeting! I would recommend The Gallery Collection for corporate Christmas cards, small businesses, or anybody who needs a few to say something special. The staff is wonderful to work with and I anticipate not having to think about these in the future!

8 thoughts on “Christmas Cards Made Simple”

  1. I am so happy for you that your business is doing well. We get our cards from the Gallery Collection every year and now that I can personalize the front and add a logo-we are set for life.
    My only problem now is to settle on a design-I love the classic Gallery cards but the new personalized designs are just what our business needs

  2. We get our company holiday cards from the Gallery Collection also and we too appreciate the customer service. I have to agree with Sophie, it is getting harder to choose just one design. This year we decided to go with the personalized/logo design-I hope we are as successful as Albert

  3. I love this new thing Gallery is doing, I work in a dental office and we love the Industry Specific cards. We chose one design for our younger patients another for the adults and then a regular Gallery card for our business associates. Never had so much fun choosing a holiday card

  4. It should be a happy time ordering holiday cards since it’s a happy time of year. All the staff at The Gallery Collecion is helpful and very pleasant, which makes it much easier. If you have any questions at all, there is always someone that can help. There cards are very classy, especially using the foil imprinting and their quality of paper is one of the best. When I send out the cards, I usually get comments on them which is very pleasing. The new editable cards gives you a chance to create a little something extra to the card.

  5. I had a few questions on these new type of cards. I saw that you can “chat” with Gallery Collection. So I initiated a chat and was very pleased with the professionalism with the responses to my questions. I have a better idea about customizing the front of our card. There are more choices as far as fonts and color to use. I feel I more of an involvement with the creation of the card which I am sending which adds a nice personal touch.

  6. I just used the chat line and spoke with Elaine. She was so helpful. I had no idea what was involved with placing the order but Elaine walked me through the process. She wouldn’t pick out a card for me – she said it really should be my decision – but she helped narrow down my selections. The customer service is excellent. You have a customer for life.

  7. My job is an executive secretary. My boss leaves alot of the creative jobs to me. This year we ordered through Gallery Collection for Holiday Cards. It was fun to be able to change the front and interior of the card with different fonts and colors. The industry related cards is a great idea, I’m looking forward to sending to them to our clients this year!

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