Design #099AY – A Business Birthday Cards Surprise!

Design #099AY, Surprise! Birthday Card, certainly lives up to its name. On a cream colored matte background, it displays a large high glossed gold gift box that seems to pop off the cover of this business birthday card. The box is tied with a bold colored rainbow foil ribbon and bow that are embossed all over with gold foil swirls. The bow that tops the box is tied into three triangles that gives it a modern, geometric look. The lid of the box is tipped open and springing forth from the opening is a kaleidoscope of teal colored swirls, rainbow foil twinkly stars, followed by tiny gold dots. The stars, ribbon, and bow are all in bold rainbow foil colors of teal, red, purple, orange, green and lemon lime. The colors of the rainbow foil will appear slightly different on each card, so each of your recipients’ correspondence will have a unique look.

Design #099AY Surprise! Birthday Card
Design #099AY Surprise! Birthday Card

The foil colors that cascade from the box appear as though a cold blustery burst of wind has escaped, swirling forth the bright foil colors into the air. Amongst the burst of colors are the words “Happy Birthday from All of us” in gold foil, that also swirls amongst the rainbow of colors and shapes cascading from the box’s opening. This birthday greeting card would make a very impressionable statement if used as business birthday cards given to employees, customers, or vendors, or for personal use from a family member sending birthday wishes to a loved one. Either way, when the envelope is opened, a surprise awaits inside when this elegant card is revealed.

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