Design #151CW – Wings of Peace Holiday Card

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Design #151CW, Wings of Peace Holiday Card, highlights three embossed doves outlined in gold foil against a stained glass background of eddying shades of blue and green. The entire window is outlined in a rich gold foil with mullioned sections crisscrossing to form an impressive background. The white glossy card stock is stark in comparison. The first dove holds a ribbon that flows gracefully from its beak to float across the page. The second dove on this religious Christmas card holds a trio of stars in its beak while the third bears the standard of peace – an olive branch.

“Peace on Earth” is the sentiment printed on the front of this religious Christmas card. It indeed brings to mind the feeling of peace. This design fairly sings out Hossanna, Hossanna in the Highest as clearly and precisely as some one singing in the church choir. The uplifting image of Christmas joy is something that fills my soul and makes me want to spread the feeling of peace to everyone I meet.

Design #151CW Wings of Peace Holiday Card

Design #151CW Wings of Peace Holiday Card

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