Corporate Thank You Cards Provide Reassurance

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Raise your hand if you have felt under-appreciated at some point in your life. Raise your hand if you have felt a little neglected at some point during your career. Now raise your hand if you have ever felt like your boss did not give you enough credit. Wow, we’re running out of hands. Let me tell you the story of how corporate thank you cards let me put my hand down.

I have worked really hard at my insurance company for years. I have never been a look-at-me type of person, so I do my work and do not make much noise about it. Working as long as I have for this company, you would expect some recognition other then the occasional raise. I wasn’t looking for much, but some sort of “Hey, great job!” would have been nice. Humans need reassurance – it’s a condition we’ve developed over the years. You tell me how great I am…and then I think, “Wow what a great place to work. Let me not steal office supplies today.”

A new CEO came to the company and before I knew what had hit me, things changed. When a big project had gotten completed, I get a letter in the mail addressed from her. Scared that this may be my pink slip, to my surprise it was actually one of those hand-written corporate thank you cards. You know the ones that you always hear about but never actually receive. It wasn’t much, but the thought really counted in my book. This person took the time to recognize my hard work by actually sending me a personalized thank you card. In today’s world, you can’t get any better then that. Well, I guess I could get a raise as well but I’m not gonna push that envelope…just yet.

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