Design #462AE – Balloons & Stars Birthday Card

Design #462AE, Balloons & Stars Birthday Card, features a combination of three lovely lavender balloons on shiny white card stock. All three balloons seem to be floating away, through cascades of streamers and confetti. Each of these balloons has refractive stars on them, so when you move the card they pick up many different colors which look lovely against the lavender balloons, further making this personalized birthday card come to life. The words “Happy Birthday” are done in blue foil at the bottom of the card. A blue ink or silver foil imprint inside would set off nicely on the shiny white stock.

Design #462AE - Balloon & Stars Birthday Card
Design #462AE - Balloon & Stars Birthday Card

This birthday card would be great to send to a friend or a co-worker. It has a slight whimsical feel, and with all the great greetings you can choose from, you can express the perfect birthday wish. Not only can you choose a great card, but you can also put the most appropriate greeting inside of it so that anyone who receives it will really appreciate the thought. It is always nice to know that someone thinks enough of you to send you a special card on your special day.

3 thoughts on “Design #462AE – Balloons & Stars Birthday Card”

  1. I absolutely LOVE the color pallet on the front of this birthday card. It evokes a happy, yet soothing feeling! Even by just looking at the picture of this card, as with all of The Gallery Collection cards, one can tell it is a fine quality card, made on thick sturdy stock paper. People may not send cards as much in these electronic times as they used to; but when cards are given out to employees, as many companies still do, a card like this makes a lasting impression!

  2. The color on this is wonderful — I think the refractive foil should come on everything. I wish all the colors were a choice on the imprint in the cards too. They are so pretty and you just want to write it all over the place. Love these shades want to get this card and take it to a paint place and let them match it so I can paint in it. Unforgettable

  3. This design is really retro and cool. The blue foil on the balloon is everything. It really makes the card pop .

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