No More Running to the Store with Personalized Birthday Cards

I had no idea that you could order personalized birthday cards. I knew about personalized Christmas cards but not birthday cards. Between my husband and me we have two parents, one step-mother, nine siblings (and their nine spouses), and 18 nieces and nephews – several with significant others and one great niece!! There are only two months out of the entire year that we are not celebrating someone’s birthday.

Since my husband can’t pick out a card to save his life, I am left with the responsibility of buying all 43 birthday cards every year. Then I discovered personalized birthday cards. Now I order 100 personalized birthday cards in the beginning of the year so when the occasion pops up I am all ready to go. No more running to the store (43 times) and spending upwards of $4.00 for a card. And I have the envelopes personalized with my home address so all I have to do is address the envelope, add a stamp, and the personalized birthday card is on its way. Oh yeah, I forgot one thing – I have to put a check in each one. Now if I could only find a way around that…

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