A Birthday Card and a Free Haircut

As the owner of a salon and spa, having as much personal contact as possible with my customers is vital. Throughout the year, we have promotions and raffles at the salon. Sometimes we choose to raffle off hair care products or even services. We have also started sending out Christmas cards. I believe that this is a great thing to do as far as promoting relationships with customers, but I also feel that because so many Christmas cards get sent ours may get lost in the “shuffle”. We were racking our brains trying to think of something else that we could do during the year where we actively reached out to the customer. We finally came up with the idea of sending birthday cards. In our minds, there wasn’t anything more personal to someone than their birthday and it is truly a special day.

We included a coupon for a free haircut in the personalized birthday cards that we sent. Our response was truly overwhelming – the customers felt so appreciated and were so surprised that we remembered their special day. Sending birthday cards truly boosted our business. Even though we give away a service (and that costs time and money), we’ve made up for it in so many other ways.

Sending personalized Christmas and birthday cards got us thinking that there were other types of cards we could send too. For instance, when we acquire a new customer we now send them a welcome card with a new customer discount for a haircutting service. We also send a thank you card whenever one of our customers refers a new customer to our salon. And you guessed it – they also receive a promotion of some sort!

With their envelope imprinting, personalization, and SealFast envelopes, the Gallery Collection has made it so easy for us to remember our customers in a special, elegant way.

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