Design #088AY – Hats Off to You

Design #088AY, Hats Off to You Birthday Card, is perfect for sending corporate birthday cards to business associates, customers, and employees. Its simple and cheerful look evokes a party feeling. You can almost hear the Happy Birthday song being sung in the background as the hats dance around the card.

Printed on buff colored heavy stock, the card has six various sized birthday hats in foils of different colors. Each hat has a different design and is embossed, appearing to be popping off the page. There are gold dots, gold curlicues, and little gold stars splashed amongst the birthday hats. A large message wishing “Happy Birthday” is printed in gold foil in a fancy script just below the hats. The finishing touch is a gold foil border that frames the card.

Design #088AY - Hats Off to You Birthday Card
Design #088AY - Hats Off to You Birthday Card

Since on any given day someone is celebrating a birthday, keep a box of these corporate birthday cards on hand so you can rise to the occasion. These cards can be ordered with your custom message printed inside for your convenience or you can handwrite a different personal message for each. You will impress all of your business associates for not only remembering their birthday but by acknowledging this special occasion with such a festive corporate birthday card.

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  1. The quality of the heavy stock cards are incredible. The refractive foil is great love the color combos on this. Very festive

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