Top 3 Bad Work Habits You Need To Overcome


We all want to do our best at work. But even the best intentions are sometimes met with bad habits. Here are 3 bad work habits you need to overcome today!

Being late for work or meetings
Unless your role at the company doesn’t require you to be at your desk and ready to face the day at a set time every day, start times are implemented for a reason. If you know that traffic can be unreasonable, allot yourself some extra commute time in the morning.

Being late for meetings is another bad work habit. If a meeting is set for an hour and you’re five minutes late, you’ve set the hour off and that can bleed into other commitments later in the day. Being on time is a sign that you respect other people’s time – and your own! It also goes a long way towards showing that you’re dependable.

Answering emails as they come in.

You may think that answering emails as soon as you see new ones in your inbox is a good idea. It’s not; in fact, it’s counterproductive. As email’s role in our work lives becomes more and more prominent, the number of messages you receive increases. If you spend all of your time checking your inbox, you’ll find little time for your other responsibilities!

Instead, schedule email processing time into your calendar. Spend some time with your inbox over your morning coffee when you arrive at the office, then schedule an afternoon session after lunch. If an email is informational and doesn’t need further action, move it to a reference folder or delete it. If an email can be responded to at that time, do so. If an email needs a bit more time to respond to, flag it for a future time.

Scheduling in your email time frees up the rest of the day for you to work on projects and tasks without an added distraction.

Not practicing proper hygiene

If you’re guilty of flossing your teeth or clipping your finger (or, please, no, toe) nails at your desk, stop this behavior immediately! Your boss and your coworkers will appreciate your well-groomed hands and your free-from-food mouth a lot more if you take care of that stuff in the privacy of your own home before you get to the office.

These top 3 work habits you need to overcome are just the tip of the iceberg. What other bad habits have you noticed in your office or overcome yourself?

Tips On Helping Empower Your Workforce

Having trouble keeping your workforce motivated, autonomous, and with high morale? The following are some quick tips on how to help empower your workforce!

Make expectations clear. When employees are given a standard with which to measure their success, they are more likely to meet or exceed that standard. Creating smaller goals along the way encourages employees to reflect on their own performances and asses if they are meeting these smaller, more attainable milestones.

Keep your employees accountable. When you properly reprimand or appropriately acknowledge poor performance, you are increasing the accountability in your workforce. You want employees to know that substandard work will not be tolerated. This keeps employees from trying to take advantage of the company and helps encourage employees keep each other on task, as there are consequences.

Give them a say. Ask for your employee’s opinions and encourage frequent feedback on every aspect of their day at work. Find ways to improve and resolve any concerns. This will make your employees feel included and will make them more likely to come to you with issues or suggestions in the future. Having an open line of communication with your employees is imperative to achieving higher levels of success.

A Business Anniversary Cards Dinosaur Milestone

This morning Melody B. was greeted at work by a business anniversary cards signed by our Chairman of the Board, our President, the managers she reports to, and myself – her supervisor. Twenty years in a company is certainly a milestone! It shows years of dedication and loyalty. Melody has been a customer service rep at our company for twenty years today. Of course, we will be celebrating her anniversary, along with the other three employees that are also celebrating their 20th year, at a party given by the company in the spring. At the party, Melody, along with the other three employees, will be inducted into the Dinosaur Club, a very prestigious club here at The Gallery Collection. All members of the Dinosaur Club have been with the company for at least 20 years. The club has grown quite large since its inception. We now have a total of 38 dinosaurs – 24 that are still working!

Melody was excited to receive the business anniversary greeting cards, and we were as thrilled by her anniversary as she was. We will also be having goodies later today to celebrate this great day. Our company is special in the way it treats its employees. Our employees show their appreciation by their loyalty, dedication, and service to our customers. Melody and the others that handle our customer calls every day epitomize what The Gallery Collection means when we say that customer satisfaction is our primary objective.

It is a pleasure to listen to Melody when she speaks with her customers. In this day when service to customers is so rare, callers are surprised when they experience her warmth and sincerity. She receives many complimentary letters and notes from our customers. Because we are a seasonal business, we hire many seasonal employees later in the year. Sitting new seasonal employees near Melody is a training experience in itself. They quickly learn that our customers are very important to us and we want them to show the same warmth and caring to their contacts that Melody shows to hers.

It’s been such a pleasure knowing Melody and working with her for the past 20 years. She is a delight…always smiling and her wit makes every day a new experience. She is our pet laureate and song write extraordinaire. Melody usually writes a song for all our celebrations and events, which includes our Dinosaur Club parties. Happy Anniversary, Melody! Thanks for choosing The Gallery Collection for that job interview 20 years ago. It’s been a great tip!

Business Birthday Cards will Never Become a Thing of the Past

When I started working at The Gallery Collection, I was an order taker. I quickly learned something interesting…many orders were for business birthday cards. “What a great idea,” I thought! Birthday cards from the boss! Giving a card is a wonderful and easy way to boost morale and impress employees, especially if it is a high quality card like the ones we make.

Business birthday cards are a great way to let co-workers, employees, business clients, and loyal customers know that you are interested in their happiness. Business relationships are more than just emails and phone calls; People appreciate the thoughtfulness of genuine business greeting cards that have been personalized and mailed to them.

Business birthday cards are just one more way to keep one step ahead of the competition. In these hard economic times, sending a card is a cost effective way to let your customers know you are still in business and that you still appreciate their loyalty. Remember…your customers are your bread and butter, but they are still people and people do like having their special days recognized. This is why business birthday cards will never become a thing of the past.

Personalized birthday cards don’t have to be conservative or stogy; they can be full of fun. We design our exquisite cards with balloons, cakes, presents and party decorations, and then they are embellished with silver and gold foils. If the person you are giving a Gallery Collection business greeting card to is anything like me, they will be impressed before they even pull the card out of the envelope. I once said “You had me at the envelope,” as they have a pearl lining to match the card. Some are also deckled edged and are reminiscent of the past when quality was everything.

As an employee I have the privilege of receiving complimentary greeting cards. I share them with my family because they all ask for them so they can impress their friends. I am always happy to receive a Gallery Collection greeting card from them because it means that they cared enough to send me a “good one.”

Birthday Cards and Good Company

Every year we get those cheery reminders that the little odometer inside of us just went up one. Those reminders are commonly known as birthday cards. Some of those birthday cards contain balloons, cakes, streamers, sailboats, palm trees, etc. and they all have meaningful or funny sentiments.

I am probably in the majority when I say that when my birthday comes around I would rather it pass without being noticed, especially at work. However, I cannot help but be thankful that my fellow employees are nice enough to remember my birthday and take the time to send me their best wishes in birthday cards.

One of the special birthday cards I receive is from our Chairman of the Board and our President. I do enjoy the personal touch that gets put into the birthday cards. I am not sure how many companies send out company birthday cards to their employees but I believe they serve an important purpose in further recognizing employees.

Out of all the birthday cards that I receive each year, the only birthday cards that I have kept are the company birthday cards from my employer. It may be that I feel those birthday cards are special because they are the ones that you do not really expect to receive.

This blogger celebrates his birthday on September 18th. You can feel free to send me birthday cards as a reminder that my odometer went up one again.

Birthday Cards are the Right Choice for Both Colleagues and Friends

Business birthday cards let you share inspiring messages with employees, coworkers, and customers on their special days. Keeping a variety of business birthday cards on file at your desk means you’re always prepared with perfect greeting cards whenever you may need one. Taking that extra step by sending greeting cards to people you work with could turn out to be a vital part to your company’s success and retention of employees and vendors.

Everyone wants to know that their clients and associates are thinking of them. Exchanging greeting cards is an easy and unique way to stay in touch with these valued individuals. If you keep assorted birthday cards on hand at work you will always be ready to send greeting cards when the occasion comes along. To stay organized, I keep a simple spreadsheet with all of my Gallery Collection coworkers’ and vendors’ birthdays listed, so that at a glance I know when to send out corporate birthday cards or any type of greeting cards.

After I select greeting cards for each person, I write a short but personal message. Sending out birthday cards to people you know gives them a reason to pause and think for a few minutes about the person who sent the greeting card. When they receive the birthday cards and realize you have been thinking about them, it helps to nurture that relationship, whether it is personal or business related.

The Benefits of Business Anniversary Cards

When do you expect to get an anniversary card? Wedding anniversaries? Sure. Personal milestones? Of course. But how about an anniversary card for the date you started your job? Business anniversary cards were never anything I had even considered – that is, until I got one!

I couldn’t imagine why I was getting mail from my office but was pleasantly surprised upon opening it. Inside the deckled-edged envelope was a magnificent anniversary card, signed by the company executives and thanking me for my hard work and devotion. It reinforced my feelings of being appreciated and valued at my job, and I surely was happy to go to work the next day.

But think about the opportunities. If business anniversary cards can make your employees feel valued, then imagine how they can make your customers feel. Why not send clients or vendors anniversary cards to observe the day they began working with your company? And in the same way these cards might encourage your employees to look forward to going to work, which after all is a good thing, business anniversary cards might make your customers look forward to giving you some extra business!