Birthday Cards Are Great From Both Business And Friends Alike

Everyone enjoys getting birthday cards. Since as far back as I can remember I waited all year long to get my cards. Of course it was for a different reason back then. Every card I opened usually contained money! Now it’s simply nice to see how many people remember you on your special day. It is so much nicer to receive a birthday card then to receive a text.

I really like when I get corporate birthday cards from my coworkers. I especially like when there are characters on the front, such as the office co-workers or some funny animals, and everyone picks one to represent them and writes their name across the character. It’s fun to see how everyone interprets themselves.

My husband thinks I’m crazy but whenever I am at a shop or restaurant and they have a mailing list to sign up for, I fill it out. I think it makes your relationship with that establishment more personal. You get fun mailings and coupons, and sometimes you even get a card on your birthday with a certificate for something free! It’s a great advertisement for any place of business; a beautiful card with a lovely gift inside. I tend to remember the people, and companies, that remember my birthday. Such a small gesture can be so invaluable to both the company that sends the card, and the person who receives it!

4 thoughts on “Birthday Cards Are Great From Both Business And Friends Alike”

  1. Aha! Your onto my secret! I also sign up at stores, because nine out of ten times you do get special offers, and who doesn’t want to save money these days? Let’s try to keep this a secret just between us… okay? 🙂

  2. The cards I enjoy receiving most are the ones with animals. It doesn’t matter if it’s a real photo or a cartoon figure. The insides of these cards usually have a funny saying or greeting that always gets a smile or a laugh out of me.

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