The Convenience of Having Assorted Greeting Cards Readily Available

Oh no ….. not again!  It was 7:00 o’clock in the morning as I woke up to see huge snowflakes falling from the sky.  We had just survived three snowstorms in my town and were now in the midst of a fourth.  As I looked out of my window to see how much snow had fallen I realized it was going to be another grueling “exercise” day for me.  Much as I like to exercise, snow removal in freezing weather is not my forte.  Although I marveled at the beauty of the on the branches of trees, and how it covered the rooftops of homes and walkways, this admiration was short lived and reality took over.  It was time to have a hearty breakfast, dress warmly and get ready to clear this white stuff off my car.   After 20 minutes of brushing the top and sides of my car, I was ready to shovel the 8 inches of accumulation surrounding it when I realized I loaned my shovel to a friend.  Much to my relief, a neighbor recognized my dilemma and came to my rescue with his shovel and muscle and had my car out of the snow, and, ready to go, in not time.  After returning to my apartment and warming up, I quickly grabbed a box of assorted greeting cards out of my desk, selected one that said thank you, wrote a message and slipped it under my kind neighbor’s door.

The Gallery Collection has a wide variety of cards to choose from in their greeting cards assortment boxes.  Each box contains holiday, birthday, congratulations, and thank you cards.  Even in the worst weather the assortment box will have you prepared without having to try and get to the store to let someone know you care.


6 thoughts on “The Convenience of Having Assorted Greeting Cards Readily Available”

  1. I also found it helpful to have a box of assorted sympathy cards, both religious and non religious. Because, unfortunately, I have been hit with one of those surprises too.

  2. I always make sure to have some extra cards laying around. Walking to my closet to grab a card is so much easier than driving to the store.

  3. As a Pastor, I cannot tell you the value of having a card assortment handy, whether its Sympathy or Congratulations, they have bailed me out of some rather uncomfortable situations.

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