Birthday Cards Are Just as Important as Birthday Gifts

Have you ever searched high and low for just the right gift for someone but couldn’t find it?  I think it’s hardest when you have an idea in your mind but can not figure out where to get it.  That’s why a birthday card is always the perfect solution.

You can find a card that is simple and elegant or even just a card that’s blank on the inside and you can write a note that’s personal and from your heart.  After all, isn’t that the message you want to convey on a birthday anyway?  Sometimes you think the perfect gift will say it all, but nothing replaces a note or sentiment that expresses your best wishes to the birthday guy or gal.

I know that I have a shoebox I’ve kept for years with birthday cards in it and every now and then I run across the box and open it and start to read some of them from years ago.  I’m almost certain I can’t say that I can find some of the gifts I received years ago!  Reading a birthday card is such a special way of almost hearing the person who sent it to you wishing you a “Happy Birthday” as if they were standing right in front of you.  If you try hard enough, you can picture them looking for just the right card that reminds them of you.

I have to say that I think birthday cards are just as important as the birthday gifts because no two will be exactly the same.  Oh, you may find the same card and even the same greeting, but the message the sender adds, makes that birthday card one of a kind – just like the person who is receiving it.

6 thoughts on “Birthday Cards Are Just as Important as Birthday Gifts”

  1. My friend gave me a card last year that I liked even more than any present I got. I still have it up today.

  2. Birthday cards and birthday gifts are like peanut butter and jelly… They just go together so well, it feels like things are incomplete if one is missing! I know that when I receive a gift from someone, the very first thing I do is look for the card to open…I feel like reading the card sets the mood for the gift you are about to open. What the card looks like, what greeting is in it, what message the person wrote inside… All of these let you know whether you’re receiving a funny gift, a heartfelt gift, etc. It just feels incomplete without the card. I always make sure to give a birthday card to everybody I know.

  3. You spend more time with people you work with than your loved ones, so it makes sense to send Business Birthday Cards to your coworkers. It is a thoughtful way to strengthen your working relationships!

  4. I believe selecting birthday cards are just as important as selecting gifts. I try to imagine how the person will react when they open and view the card for the first time. I especially like cards that have gold foil and embossing of the front.

  5. If there isn’t a gift card or money in that card, 9/10 will be wondering where their gift is haha.

  6. As you grow older cards feel more appropriate for a birthday instead of a gift. I agree with the first paragraph, gifts are difficult!

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