How to Deal With Stress at Work

Working can be (very, very) stressful. Even if you happen to be one of the lucky ones working the job of their dreams, odds are that there are parts of the job that leave you wanting to pull your hair out from time to time. No matter what field you are in, professional jobs are demanding, time consuming and usually difficult as well. Managing stress levels on the job can be challenging, but also very rewarding, if done successfully. Being able to tackle daily tasks while remaining calm, cool and collected can make the days smoother and easier. Here are a few tips to keep the stress levels down while on the clock.

Stay Organized
Being able to stay organized throughout the day can be a huge relief in terms of stress management. Clutter on and inside your desk, along with a sense of general disarray, can lead to high stress levels fairly quickly. Knowing where everything is that you need, and keeping everything in a consistent space, will allow you to properly manage all of your tools. The same goes for electronics, keeping separate file folders for your different projects and labeling all documents with dates and names can be essential in finding what you need without wanting to throw your computer through the wall.

Keep Confrontations to a Minimum
Everyone has that special someone that gets on their last nerve at work. Being able to manage your feelings about that person is the key. Focusing on the task at hand, rather than your gossipy neighbor or unreasonably demanding boss will allow you to navigate those feelings towards productivity. If at all possible, avoid that person during breaks and free time and associate with those who make you happy rather than clench your fists and nod politely.

Work Hard In the Morning
When the 9’oclock whistle blows, it is far too easy to trudge to your desk lethargically. If you are able to get right to work as soon as the day starts, that momentum can be carried to a positive and stress-free day. Instead of checking scores, weather and show times, get right to those emails or projects and start the day productively. The more work you can get done in the morning, the easier the afternoon will feel and even if the workload is still hefty, feeling accomplished from the get-go will make for a smoother transition into the PM grind.

Leave Work at Work
As difficult as it may seem, it is of the utmost importance to leave work-related issues at the office. Taking those issues home, where you are supposed to relax and prepare for the next day, does not allow stress levels to recoil. Being constantly wound up will only lead to a cyclical effect of never feeling relaxed or comfortable at your desk or in the workplace in general. Being able to go home after a long day and unwind is key to coming back the next day feeling good and ready for the tasks that lay ahead.

6 thoughts on “How to Deal With Stress at Work”

  1. All good tips, but leaving work at work is a tough one when everyone can be reached 24/7.

  2. I especially agree with staying organized. If you don’t know where files are, paperwork, etc. and I working in a cluttered and chaotic environment it will only make the stress worse. I make a point to clean my desk at least once a week – tossing out anything unnecessary, putting things back where they belong, dusting, etc. It is a major help!

  3. I recently read that most people cannot multi task successfully, I disagree. If one is organized, non confrontational and focused, multi tasking should be a breeze

  4. Most people take work home with them because e-mail is right on the phone. I make a point of leaving work at work. You need the time off!

  5. keeping confrontations at a minimum is a very good tip. Sometimes employees and supervisors do things to tick you off because they have nothing better going for them. It pays to breath and realize that you will not see these people once the time comes to punch out to go home. However if it becomes a problem that makes you mad enough you want to spit you should take talk to your human resources department to let them know what is going on. People get complacent and think that they can just do anything to employees and that’s how it goes. You have rights as an employee and being bullied into disliking a job is something that shouldn’t be tolerated. I don’t understand how companies show videos of workplace discrimination but yet still do it. It really boggles my mind how some companies pride themselves on equal opportunities and work place teamwork and yet they are just as dysfunctional as the characters in the training videos.

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