Birthday Cards in the Office Elevate Morale

Why give birthday cards to your coworkers? It’s fun and it makes them feel good. The question is what kind of card should I send? Well that’s part of the fun part. Do you really the people you spend one third of your life with? Give it a try now.

Is the person sitting next to you a happy person or do they appear down too often? They may need some cheering up so let’s get them something funny or cute. Do they like puppies or are they a foodie? There’s your start, get to know the people you work with better and when it is their birthday they will appreciate you taking the time to understand what they like.

Here are a few tips:

  • If the person seems like a grouch, they may have problems at home or have bad arthritis, so kill them with kindness and send a warm card on their birthday.
  • If the person is always joking, they will probably appreciate a funny card.
  • If the person is a gossip, don’t give them any fuel to feed the gossip mill, send them a card with a very neutral message.
  • If you really dislike the person, send a card anyway but don’t bother thinking about it too much.

The best approach is to have a ready supply of different designs available so you are always ready when birthdays come around. People appreciate you thinking about them and they will show it. The atmosphere of friendliness makes the morale so much better when you work in an office.

8 thoughts on “Birthday Cards in the Office Elevate Morale”

  1. It is so simple, yet makes such a big impact. Setting myself reminders and stocking up on cards!

  2. Having a greeting card for every occasion really does come in handy. You never know when a friend or a co worker might need one.

  3. I agree, the thoughtfulness in giving and receiving birthday cards from and to coworkers is great! It’s not too invasive but personal enough to make you feel special. I prefer the assortment boxes so that not everyone gets the same card within the same year!

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