Birthday Cards Offer A Way To Stay Connected To Employees

So many companies have gone global and/or allow so many employees to telecommute that it is often difficult to make everyone feel like they are all part of the same team. People work in different time zones and on very different schedules. Global companies also have different locations celebrating different holidays, so they can’t necessarily wish all of them a happy Thanksgiving on the last Thursday in November! An easy way to ensure you get to wish each and every one of your employees well during the year is to send them each a birthday card. Your employees will know the company is thinking of them and it will help them feel more connected to the company. Also, employees may even appreciate receiving  birthday cards even more than they would appreciate a holiday card, as the birthday card is to celebrate their own personal special day.

Happy Birthday To You

In order to make sure you never miss an employee’s birthday (or a friend or family member’s birthday either!), keeping a box of assorted birthday cards on hand at all times. That way, you will not only always be assured of having cards in stock and won’t have to run out to the card store every other day, but you will also have a varied selection of cards to choose from. Personally selecting a card from a box of assorted birthday cards for each employee makes it even more special, as they won’t all get the same card.

12 thoughts on “Birthday Cards Offer A Way To Stay Connected To Employees”

  1. I’ve been giving birthday cards to my employees for the past decade, and not a year goes by where I don’t get bunches of thank you’s from them. It really is a high point in our office, celebrating birthdays, and I believe it helps keep attitudes positive when the going gets tough. Your Assortment Boxes are a lifesaver.

  2. I always keep an assortment box from The Gallery Collection in my office at all times! I have a list of all my employee’s birthdays right by my desk so I know if I have to fill out a birthday greeting card. I love how the assortment box comes with 13 different designs so I can choose one that suits my fellow employee the best 🙂

  3. Assortment boxes are the way to go! I work in a very busy office for a large company and sending out birthday and holiday cards is one of my responsibilites. I order multiple variety boxes during the year from you guys!

  4. Not only is having a box of assortment cards handy a time saver, but, it is also a “life saver”. My family and I were ready to leave the house on our way to a Thanksgiving Day party when I realized that I had not bought a card for the gift we were bringing. My daughter came to the rescue when she brought out the box of assortment cards she had purchased from the Gallery Collection and handed me a beautiful Thanksgiving Day card. Needless to say I am no longer without my very own box of assortment cards.

  5. I recently realized how much money and time I was spending on Christmas, Birthday, and Thank You cards…separately. Assortment cards make so much more sense and its so great to always have something on hand when needed!

  6. I keep an assortment box of cards in my desk. Having a variety of cards allows me to mix up the cards that I send to my companies employees.

  7. Having an assortment box at head is definetely the way to go. A card is a special touch that is always appreciated.

  8. We all know how handy it is to reach into an assortment box of birthday cards and be able to send a greeting on the spur of the moment. I think the giving of a birthday card to your employees has much more personal meaning than a holiday card. Obviously an acknowledgement of someone’s birth date is extremely import to them.

  9. I’ll admit I’m not the most organized person so when I do forget that birthday (again) that I promised myself that I wouldn’t forget, I can still grab a birthday card from my assortment and make it seem like I was prepared!

  10. I’m a big believer that employees work harder and do their best when they feel like they are appreciated and seen as an individual, this is why I think giving my employees birthday cards is crucial. It reminds them they I value them and all their hard work!

  11. I keep all of my employee’s birthdays in my Google Calendar. I have it set to remind me when they are coming up one week in advance. This little method has meant I am yet to miss a birthday!

  12. Employees always love to know that they are appreciated by the company and something as simple as a birthday card can go a long way. I am a big fan of giving and receiving birthday cards in the workplace.

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