Bulk Birthday Cards Mean You’ll Always Be Prepared

I have always been a sender of birthday cards.  Family and friends tell me that if my card doesn’t reach them by their birthday each year, they are alarmed.  If my card arrives late, it brings a sense of relief.  So, birthday card sending has always been my thing, and having bulk birthday cards on hand makes me job a lot easier.

As I got older, more family members were born, weddings added spouses, and because we are a genetically long-lived clan, there have been more birthdays to keep track of every year.  I’ve also been blessed with many friends, who I dearly love and whose birthdays I’m happy to celebrate.

I do put effort into keeping track of a lot of birthdays.  Lots of people think I’m an extremely organized, sensitive friend and business associate.  To be honest, once I put the date, name and address into a monthly file, it’s easy to keep track of each year. And having birthday cards by the box make me seem like an absolute miracle worker!

10 thoughts on “Bulk Birthday Cards Mean You’ll Always Be Prepared”

  1. I also employ this trick, i have a file folder with twelve pockets, each January i fill it up with the cards needed for the year by month, then simply go through it once a month. It makes me look way more organized than i actually am!

  2. Its interesting how much other peoples lives revolve around the receipt of a birthday card from you. Is there no contact outside of greeting cards between you and your family and friends? Is that why they get on edge when they don’t get a card from you because they believe something is wrong? Seems like you are putting alot of unneeded pressure on your friends and family with this method. I think a phone call or letter every once in a while to let everyone know your ok would be good. It is interesting though that you have set up this complex form of communication through greeting cards once a year. I appreciate the creativity. Evan Out!

  3. I’ve always been pretty good at remembering birthdays, but in the age of digital organizers and smartphones, there’s really no excuse for anyone to forget – even if they aren’t as awesomely organized as you, Felicity! So, are you saying you are not a sensitive friend and business associate? Looking the part is half the battle!

  4. Don’t receive many cards throughout the year. I send even less – if any at all.

  5. Having Bulk Birthday cards on hand is a blessing… I really don’t have the time and sometimes the energy to spend at a hallmark making birthday card purchases… So kudos to having them on hand and right when I need them!

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