Boxed Birthday Cards Are The Best Thing That Ever Happened

I have two small children who are both in day care and both attend a lot of birthday parties. Let me just tell you how convenient boxed birthday cards are! Everyone with children, especially young children, knows that going to any kind of store can be an adventure in itself. Before I bought my boxed cards online, this is how my adventure to the card store went…

Going to a card or stationery store can be worse than going to a toy store. They walk in and see thousands of brightly colored greeting cards and can’t help but want to touch every one of them. So, while I’m trying to find those special birthday cards, I’m also making sure my “angels” (who are trying very hard to listen to me) do not touch the cards on the shelves. If I am not quick enough in picking out a card, their patience runs out. Then their little hands start helping me select cards.

Now, the problem occurs when one of them accidentally bends the corners or crinkles a card. So I’m left with the thought of either paying for a slightly thank-you-for-your-business card or quickly putting them back on the shelf. At the end of the adventurous trip to the card store, I end up spending money on at least one card I have no use for because it’s slightly damaged and spending half an hour in the store for one or two simple birthday cards.

When I found bulk birthday cards, it was the best thing! Not only are they brightly colored and the children love them, they also save me a lot of time and money!

10 thoughts on “Boxed Birthday Cards Are The Best Thing That Ever Happened”

  1. I agree wholeheartedly! Bulk cards are so practical, a great time-saver, and so inexpensive that buying these types of cards are definitely a no-brainer.

  2. Lacy, just a couple of questions. Why not shop for the cards you need while the kids are in day care? Seems like a simple solution to the adventure you described. And just how many of these “boxed, bulk birthday cards” are child specific? Most of the boxed sets I’ve come across contain a varied array of designs ranging from a conservative corporate business type card to cartoon characters gathered in an office setting. But it does sound like you found what you were looking for. At least the kids enjoy the cards I hope.

  3. Bulk cards are definitely much cheaper than buying one at the store every time. It really adds up. And the cost of cards today is out of control! $5.99 for one card. I’ll stick to bulk cards.

  4. I have to agree with Boy’s comments. While I have bought bulk greeting cards, I’ve never found them to be particularly child friendly. Luckily, I’m passed that stage in life of constant birthday parties. I can now order the cards knowing that the adult recipients will appreciate them.

  5. I like to buy a card specifically for the child. Children birthday cards have so many different themes.

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