When to Give Employee Anniversary Cards

When it’s your wedding anniversary you’d better give anniversary cards, this is a lesson I learned years ago. I could get all the jewelry money could buy, but if I don’t get that card it’s as if I hadn’t done a thing, which means no sleep for a week. I buy flowers, jewelry, etc. and here’s the reaction, “What,  no card?! What kind of husband are you?”

With that said, let’s talk about employee anniversary cards. You know, the ones your company, if you are lucky enough, give you every year. The business anniversary card that tells you how much they appreciate you and the many years of loyal and dedicated service you have given them. That makes such a big impact on an employee who is dedicated to his company. Personally, I like that acknowledgement. At my company everyone receives a card every year to mark the length of their employment. Not only do you receive a card, it’s given to you directly from the CEO or President of the company.

In a week I will be receiving corporate greeting cards from either the president or the CEO of the company I work for. It will be my 5 year anniversary. Having my hard work recognized gives me a good feeling. Sending anniversary cards to employees and co-workers is good for everyone.

8 thoughts on “When to Give Employee Anniversary Cards”

  1. Well isn’t that nice….. I worked for a large company that was in the jewelry business, and the CEO’s barely had enough respect to look at you when they passed by. So, consider yourself lucky, because most companies don’t do that.

  2. Happy 5th Anniversary, Eli! It is nice to be recognized with a card by your company. It’s so sad to hear that it doesn’t happen that way at all businesses. Were it not for the employees, the CEO wouldn’t have an office to run!

  3. I work for a company similar to yours. The owner of our company comes around personally and hands us an anniversary card with a handshake and a thank you. It doesn’t take more than a few minutes out of his day, but it does make us feel like we are an important part of the company’s success. Sometimes that’s as important as a raise.

  4. Employee anniversary cards are the coolest.. can’t wait till I start receiving them.. It’s good to know that an employer remembers and acknowledges the time and dedication an employee has given to a company!

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