Business Congratulations Cards with a Stellar Sentiment

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Design #104AY, Stellar Congratulations Greeting Card, truly reflects its name. This business congratulations card features a cream matte background with the words “Congratulations” in a script font that moves in a circular pattern towards the center of the design. The sentiment appears in two separate areas of the card, one near the top in rainbow foil and one near the bottom of the card in a solid icy blue foil. Along with the words, there are embossed dots and stars that also form into the same circular infinity pattern that sweeps across the entire front of the design.

Design #104AY Stellar Congratulations Greeting Card

Design #104AY Stellar Congratulations
Greeting Card

The prominent color of the design pattern starts out as an icy blue foil but as the stars, dots, and sentiment swirl towards the center, they change into bold rainbow foil that appears slightly different on each card design. The size of the stars and dots start out large but as they swirl towards the center of the card the embossed pattern get smaller in size, giving it an infinity look. Once the pattern reaches the center, there’s a bold solid colored foil star that adds more to the infinite depth of the design. This business congratulations card is the perfect card for business or personal usage, to show expression of joy, success, good fortune, a job well done, promotion, receiving an award, anniversary or any personal milestone in your recipient’s life. The reasons to send this card are endless, making this elegant design appealing to all.

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MarGee August 27, 2009 at 8:47 am

My niece and I just discovered the art of scrapbooking (yes, we are slightly behind the curve) and are always looking for new materials and such. I love the rainbow foil on this card but can’t seem to find where to buy it in strips. I googled rainbow foil but only came up with items that are made with rainbow foil, like pens, bracelets. Can you please steer me in the right direction?

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