Business Birthday Cards Make you Feel Special

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I started my own craft business from home last year and I sent birthday cards to all my customers. The first time they placed an order, I asked everyone to fill out a customer card with their name and birth date (minus the year, of course). I wasn’t sure what type of business birthday cards to buy because not everyone has the same crazy sense of humor I have about turning a year older, not to mention all my customers are women. So when I went shopping, the first cards I crossed off the list were the “over the hill” joke cards, the cards with pictures of “ancient” little old ladies, and cards with those cute chubby babies in diapers. Basically, all the “ha ha, you’re a year older” birthday cards that I just love were no good. I figured, why insult a new customer when I’m desperate for their business? And to stay in business I really need all the customers I can get as well as their friends, too.

Anyway, I got some great comments about the business birthday cards I sent. Most of the women were really surprised that I took the time and money to send birthday cards to them. I think we’re all a little guilty of thinking that businesses want to take your money and then forget you’re alive. I don’t want to have that kind of business.

My mother-in-law gets a birthday card from her doctor and his wife every year. That’s where I stole the idea. She’s over 90, and she’s always joking that he should send her flowers along with a birthday card because she’s been keeping him in business all these years! But I know it makes her feel special, and I want to keep all my customers feeling special, too.

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