Season’s Greetings Cards with Holly Berries and Holiday Starbursts

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Design #067CX, Holly Berry Greeting Card, is a combination of lithography and foil on buff Mohawk FSC certified paper. Its simplicity makes it very attractive for businesses to send as business Christmas cards. The design features a handful of holly wrapped in a plaid bow accompanied by simple yet elegant touches of gold foil scattered on the leaves and bow. The sentiment of “Season’s Greetings” is printed in matte gold foil.

Design #067CX Holly Berry Greeting Card

Design #067CX Holly Berry Greeting Card

Great attention to detail is one of the top reasons The Gallery Collection’s business Christmas cards are so popular. With close inspection one can see the embossing exactly where it should be and the accents of foil bring the line drawing to life. This Season’s Greetings card is sure to remain in the line of business Christmas cards for years to come.

Design #820CX, Holiday Starburst Card, features a foil star tree on black stock. Wow! Black stock for your business Christmas cards! Who would have thought it would look so festive? Well I guess it was the designers for The Gallery Collection’s business Christmas cards collection. This all-foil design mixes silver and gold with touches of blue starbursts to form a tree. The sentiment, “Season’s Greetings,” pops on the black stock making this a very memorable and popular Season’s Greetings card.

Design #820CX Holiday Starburst Card

Design #820CX Holiday Starburst Card

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